Thursday, December 5, 2013

My work in print and on a book shelf near you...

I'm currently back in a very cold and wintery U.K., but something that warmed my spirits today was when I came across my first published photography work in print at a bookstore when looking for Christmas gifts.

50 typefaces that changed the world book
As many of you will know, I also publish a blog called Daily Billboard, which captures all the exciting billboard ads lining the skies of L.A. all through the year and recently one of my photos of one of the giant billboards was used in the Design Museum book, 'Fifty Typefaces that Changed The World'.

The photo was for the recent re-release of the Titanic movie snapped along L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip, which was used to illustrate a font style called 'Trajan' by Carol Twombly.

It's always exciting to see anything of yours published in print and even though I had very little to do with the production of this book aside from proving a photo, I still felt great pride buying a copy at the sales counter.

My Daily Billboard blog is going from strength to strength visitor wise, and I've also had other images printed in trade and business publications, plus I have it on good authority that my work is being used in big studio and agency presentations, so let's hope this trend continues.
50 typefaces that changed the world book
In the meantime this book by John L. Walters from Conran Octopus Publishing is available to buy on Amazon, or in some cases at your local bookstore, so check it out as it's a really interesting read.

In fact the entire book series collection from the Design Museum is really quite fascinating, with everything from 'Fifty Shoes That Changed The World', Fifty Cars, Fifty Dressses and more (you get the idea).

I've often toyed with creating my own book full of billboard images, so you never know what the future will hold...

Buy the hardcover book: Fifty Type Faces That Changed The World (Design Museum)

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