Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Abandoned Relics of West Hollywood...

No, I'm not talking about washed up Hollywood actors or porn stars today, but rather a new Art of the Outside exhibit along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Abandoned Relics outdoor sculptures by Gustavo Godoy
Abandoned Relics outdoor sculpture Gustavo Godoy
Gustavo Godoy's 'Abandoned Relics' sculptures of concrete and timber can be found on the landscaped median between Doheny and Almont Drive until the end of October 2014.
Abandoned Relics sculptures Gustavo Godoy West Hollywood
Abandoned Relics concrete sculpture Gustavo Godoy
I've been meaning to take a closer look at this newest public art since it appeared in November last year, but travel and life have just gotten in the way lately.
Abandoned Relics wood sculpture Gustavo Godoy
I have to say of the two mediums of everyday building materials, I much prefer the wood pieces to the concrete work. 
Abandoned Relics concrete sculptures Gustavo Godoy
The wooden sculptures have a chaotic quality, are much more mesmerizing and look interesting from all angles, whilst for me, the concrete pieces are just great big slabs of concrete and a bit ugly, but then art, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
West Hollywood Abandoned Relics outdoor sculptures
What do you think of this latest outdoor public art though?

I have to say it's not my favourite exhibit to date, that would have to be the Frostig Collection Frostig Collection of sculptures from 2012, which were much more vibrant and eye-catching with a greater variety of sculptural work.
West Hollywood Abandoned Relics wood sculpture
Saying that, they do make this little bit of West Hollywood more interesting, although a sunny backdrop always help, especially when you're stuck in traffic at the seemingly never-changing lights at Doheny Drive.

Let's face it most neighborhoods can't afford outside art, or when they try it gets vandalized, so rather these sculptures than nothing at all...

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