Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another 17 miles and over $5,000 in the bank...

I'm not sure quite how we're at this stage already, but this morning the charity I run for completed our 17 mile training run for the L.A. Marathon 2014.

Relief at completing 17 miles with my 9 minute pace group
T2 Team to End AIDS runners after 17 miles
Not only did we reach this training milestone, the first time for some of our runners, but I'm pleased to say I've individually raised over $5,200 for AIDS Project L.A. and collectively the T2: Team to End AIDS running group have surpassed $100,000 in donations this season. Go T2!

T2: Team to End Aids briefing before run
T2 Team to End Aids morning briefing Griffith Park
As always it was a cool start in Griffith Park at 7am, but it soon warmed up in sunny Southern California as we ran through the streets of Toluca Lake and the Burbank neighbourhood.

Representing Britain in the 17 mile category
Union Jack taped knee
As our 9 minute pace group is called the '009ers' (because we're on Her Majesty's Service like James Bond, as more than a few of us are Brits), I thought I'd break out the Union Jack running tape to strap up my dodgy 'Runner's Knee' and minimise the joint pain.

You may think running 17 miles is a long way, and it is, but fortunately when you run with a team of like-minded people it can be great fun and great motivation, as the miles literally seem to fall away.

These guys make running 17 mile a whole lot of fun
T2 Team to End AIDS runners
We're not only running to stay fit and achieve our own personal marathon goals, but we're also raising essential funds to help people living with HIV/AIDS in L.A. 

This will be my fourth year training for the L.A. Marathon with T2, so if you'd like to show your support for this worthy cause, please DONATE TODAY as every penny counts and goes to work helping people straight away.

A Big Boy team breakfast last week
T2 breakfast Bobs Big Boy Diner
We were all a bit too wiped out to go for breakfast after the run this week (an an ice bath awaited at home to help speed up my recovery), but last week after training we popped into Bob's Big Boy diner to eat for my first time after running by for the last few years most Saturdays. Obviously we couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

In two weeks we jump up to our 20 mile training run, so for now it's time to relax and indulge in some post-training food treats.

Just 49 more days until race day...

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