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Cool movie billboards filling the skies in L.A. in January 2014...

As you've already seen, it's been a busy start to the New Year in the skies of L.A., and awards show nominations and new releases have only added to the billboards crowding the city skyline. Here's a pick of the eye-catching movie billboards trying to grab your attention this past month.

Movie billboards
Gravity Golden Globe nomination billboard
First up you can just feel Sandra Bullock reaching for those awards in this Golden Globe themed ad creative for Alfonso CuarĂ³n's sci-fi spectacular, Gravity. It didn't do as well at the Globes (Best Director notwithstanding) or SAGs, but I really hope this film wins some major statues at the Oscars as it really did a great job of shaking up space-based tales in Hollywood.
Blue Jasmine award consideration billboard
And even though I'll always root for Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett really is looking like the actress to beat at the Academy Awards this year, with a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award on her mantle already.
Saving Mr. Banks award consideration billboard
The biggest shock though for me was when Emma Thompson wasn't nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, because not only has she been hilarious at the awards shows this season, but her performance in Saving Mr. Banks, as the literary creator of Mary Poppins, really does deserve a nomination, if not the Oscar.
Disney Frozen awards billboard
And another Disney film deserving of praise is the new animated movie Frozen, which I saw only recently, and totally fell in love with. With a wonderful story, great characters, fantastic music and brilliant animation it certainly deserves a golden statue, or two.
Monsters University awards nomination billboard
Meanwhile the Monsters, Inc. sequel may have been frozen (pardon the pun) out of the Oscar race, but when I saw it on the plane back from the U.K. I did really enjoy Monsters University.
Lego movie special extension billboard
Speaking of animation and a new movie busting onto the scene this month was The Lego Movie, with a whole array of fun billboards brightening the L.A. skyline, although I'm not entirely sure who the film is marketed at, kids or nostalgic grownups.
Fabio Dumbbells Best Actor consideration billboard
Meanwhile this award consideration billboard for Best Actor made me smile, as it's for long-haired Fabio Lanzoni, the legendary face (and body) of all those romance novels from the 1980's and 90's. I just can't imagine his performance in the comedy movie, Dumbbells, is particularly award worthy.
Ride Along movie billboard
Other comedy billboards this month have included Ice Cube and Kevin Hart not-so-much buddy movie, Ride Along, which had a successful box office opening on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.
That Awkward Moment movie billboard
Plus Zac Efron's new relationship comedy with Fruitvale Station's Michael B. Jordan, That Awkward Moment.
Giant Lone Survivor movie billboard
Another movie doing well this January is Mark Wahlberg's Lone Survivor, where the film's title kind of gives the ending away, about a U.S. Navy Seal mission into Afghanistan to eliminate a high-ranking Taliban leader based on true events.
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit movie billboard
A movie that didn't do particularly well this month was the Jack Ryan movie franchise reboot, Shadow Recruit. Not even the youthful Chris Pine could bring in a younger audience for Tom Clancy's fictional CIA analyst, but I did like the movie's ad campaign, so be sure to check out all these different Shadow Recruit billboards.
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit movie billboard
The Legend of Hercules was another film which failed to capture audiences imaginations at the box office. Kellan Lutz should obviously stick to modeling underwear, although to his credit his fantasy movie didn't get any out-of-home billboard support aside from this small ad, which I believe may be on the side of the production offices for the film.
Legend of Hercules movie billboard
Yet another movie which was dead on arrival on the big screen was this re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend starring Aaron Eckhart, although again I only ever saw these small ad creatives around L.A. so it didn't get much support (which makes you wonder if the studio thought it was a stinker and didn't want to waste the money).
I Frankenstein movie billboard
This month the Paranormal Activity film franchise got a spin-off, The Marked Ones, and had this spooky creative to dispel the Holiday spirit.  
Paranormal Activity Marked Ones movie billboard
Over on TV, Lifetime remade the 1987 movie Flowers in the Attic based on V. C. Andrews twisted 1979 novel of the same name.
Flowers in the Attic Lifetime movie billboard
Back on the big screen and this month Kate Winslet was helping, and falling in love with, Josh Brolin's escaped prisoner in the romantic drama, Labor Day.
Labor Day movie billboard
Plus Matt Damon, George Clooney and an eclectic band of experts were pulling off a historic art heist in Nazi Germany in The Monuments Men.
The Monuments Men film billboard
Meanwhile if you're wondering what Aaron Paul did next after Breaking Bad, this giant-sized billboard for Need for Speed is the answer. Based on the Electronic Arts games of the same name, this car racing action movie is obviously hoping to be the next Fast & Furious franchise.
Giant Need for Speed movie billboard
And finally, NetFlix has been trying to garner awards support for its documentary film about the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 from Tahrir Square and it seems to have worked, as it's up of the Best Documentary Feature Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards.
The Square NetFlix documentary billboard
So there you have it, a whole glut of movie billboard creatives gracing the streets of Los Angeles in January 2014.

If you like all these ad creatives, be sure to also check out this month's TV billboard, fashion billboard and lifestyle billboard round-ups.

Let's hope next month is as exciting in the skies of the City of Angels...

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