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Cool TV billboards filling the skies of L.A. in January 2014...

January has been a busy month for TV, with awards season in full swing and shows returning from midseason Holidays hiatus and new series debuting for the winter. Enjoy this collection of eye-catching television billboards filling the skyline of L.A. this past month.

TV billboards
Giant Black Sails series premiere billboard
Probably the most high-profile and inventive ad campaign this month belongs to Starz new pirate show inspired by Treasure Island, Black Sails.

In addition to some teasing giant-sized billboards, the show also benefited from a 3D billboard installation along Sunset Strip using cannons on two opposing sides of the street which changed creatives over  a number weeks.
Intelligence series premiere billboard
From pirates of the past to cyber-agents of the future, and Lost's Josh Holloway gets a super-computer chip implanted in his brain with access to the globalized information system in his new CBS series Intelligence, which allows him to do amazing things to protect the world.
Looking series premiere billboard
After the failures of gay-themed shows The New Normal and Partners in TV seasons past, let's hope HBO's new San Francisco-based comedy-drama starring Jonathan Groff, Looking, about 30-something gay life will be more than just the new Queer as Folk. I'm three episodes in and the show and characters are slowing growing on me, but most of all I love the City by the Bay setting, which is almost like a character of its own.
Chozen series premiere billboard
Meanwhile FX has an animated comedy show of another kind with a gay character. Chozen features a white gay ex-con trying to make it in the predominantly black and homophobic rap music industry.
Archer Vice season 5 billboard
And the network also sees its cult favourite series, Archer, return for a fifth season, this time with some big changes and a 'Miami Vice' ad creative homage.
Rick and Morty season 1 billboard
Staying with animation, and after their fantastic crashed 3D UFO billboard for Rick and Morty, Adult Swim followed up with this 2D monstrous billboard for their new sci-fi comedy.
Helix Syfy series premiere billboard
One of the TV billboards I spied this month that really blew my mind was this explosive ad for Syfy's Helix, a virus thriller set in secret laboratory in the Arctic.
Rake series premiere billboard
In any new TV season though you can always guarantee there's going to be some remakes and reboots, alongside the original series. Rake is Fox's remake of an Australian show, with the same name, about an abrasive attorney with Greg Kinnear in the lead role. Even though it's not the most original approach to new programming, this ad creative with the actor with a black eye and steak over his other eye made me smile.
Killer Women series premiere billboard
A new ABC series which hasn't hit the mark is Killer Women, a show starring Tricia Helfer as a female Texas Ranger.
Justified season 5 billboard
What is interesting though, is that the ad creative is quite similar to the promo billboard for FX's returning crime show Justified, back for a fifth season.
Klondike TV billboard
This month Discovery premiered its first ever scripted mini-series, Klondike, set in Yokun territory during the 1890's gold rush.
Chicago PD series premiere billboard
Meanwhile NBC has a spin-off from its popular Chicago Fire series, this show set in the same universe (and city) focuses on the police force, rather than its firefighters.
The Following season 2 billboard
Kevin Bacon returns of the sophomore season of The Following and from the looks of things from this billboard, this is one killer cult who's not willing to leave him alone.
Bates Motel season 2 teaser billboard
A&E teased the return of their Psycho TV series prequel, Bates Motel, with this giant-sized neon '2' sign creative towering over L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
The Blacklist midseason 1 billboard
The Blacklist returns this month from its midseason hiatus and Megan Boone gets a shared creative with James Spader's 'Red Reddington'. I've certainly missed the series, which keeps surprising with its weird cases and plot twists.
Walking Dead midseason 4 billboard
The show I'm most looking forward to returning for the second half of its fourth season is The Walking Dead. After the massacre at the prison in the midseason finale I can't wait to see where the zombie drama goes next.
Teen Wolf midseason 3 billboard
MTV's Teen Wolf also returns midseason in its third year, with 'Stiles' character taking centre stage in the bloody supernatural high school series.
Showtime We keep it up for 2 hours billboard
Showtime showcased three of its returning Sunday night shows with this witty innuendo-laden 'We keep it up for 2 hours' shared creative, featuring Shameless, House of Lies and Episodes.
House of Lies season 3 billboard
And here's the third season promo billboard for House of Lies, with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell up against the wall in front of a firing squad, just another day in the management consultancy business.
Rich Dicks Kroll Show season 2 billboard
Another billboard making me smile this month was this Rich Dicks billboard for Nick Kroll's comedy sketch show. This was followed up with two other funny billboards for the second season of The Kroll Show.
Chris D'Elia White male Black comic billboard
Meanwhile known for his role on the sitcom Whitney, Chris D'Elia had this billboard for his comedy special on the side of the Laugh Factory along Sunset Boulevard.
Cougar Town season 5 billboard
The laughs kept coming this month with the season five billboard for Cougar Town, sip certainly happens with these red wine glugging friends.
Greatest Event TV History Bosom Buddies homage billboard
And Adam Scott and Paul Rudd were back for another installment in The Greatest Event in Television History, this time a re-enactment of the Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari 80's comedy series, Bosom Buddies.
Broad City series premiere billboard
Whilst Comedy Central debuted Broad City, a new show about two twenty-something 'broads' surviving in New York City, based on their web series.
Giant Girls season 3 billboard
HBO's critically-acclaimed series Girls returned for its third season with some giant-sized billboards along the Sunset Strip.
Giant UFC Weidman vs Silva 2 billboard
Speaking of super-sized billboards, this UFC billboard for the match between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva 2 certainly stood out (and also resulted in a broken leg for Silva).
The Fashion Fund billboard
Next, this billboard for The Fashion Fund reminds me of working in the magazine industry for over ten years, not only because it features legendary editor, Anna Wintour from Vogue, but because I can just imagine the discussions around the design of this ad creative and how beautiful the designers thought the colours looked, but unfortunately out on the street, the title is barely legible with that light blue on grey. The billboard is actually for a new reality fashion competition with the infamous Vogue Editor in Chief on Ovation arts network.
Crazy Hearts Nashville series premiere billboard
Speaking of reality TV and A&E had a new show based on up and coming country singers, and some old pros, in Crazy Hearts: Nashville.
American Idol season XIII billboard
Meanwhile I applaud the decision of American Idol to focus on the contestants in their season thirteen ad creatives instead of the judges, the returning Jennifer Lopez, new Harry Connick Jr. and series regular Keith Urban, but by the sounds of the low ratings for the show's return this singing competition may have had its heyday.
2014 Golden Globe Awards billboard
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey achieved two-for-two when they successfully and hilariously hosted their second Golden Globes Awards ceremony, and in Hollywood if something works, you just keep doing it until everyone hates it, so expect them to return next year - no pressure.
Pink 2014 Grammy Awards billboard
And finally the music industry also had their main awards show this month, with the 56th annual Grammys, promoted with this Pink ad creative and these Taylor Swift and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Grammys billboards.

As you can see there was a real abundance of TV billboards gracing the skies of L.A. in January. Come back soon for a movie round-up and be sure to also check out these stylish fashion billboards and new lifestyle ad campaigns also to be seen this month.

With this many billboards to photograph, who has time to watch any TV...

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