Sunday, January 5, 2014

Labrador Cooper meets West Hollywood's Doggie Dog sculpture...

Just before Christmas, West Hollywood welcomed a new addition to the neighborhood in the form of this bronze dog sculpture by Tsipi Mani.

Doggie Dog (Homage to Giacometti) sculpture 
by Tsipi Mani, 2013
Labrador Cooper West Hollywood Doggie Dig sculpture
Located at street level along San Vicente Boulevard outside the new West Hollywood Library it's a welcome piece of outdoor art, and our Labrador Cooper certainly seems to agree.
Tsipi Mani Doggie Dog homage to Giacometti sculpture 2013
The droopy sculpture is actually an homage to the style of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti and not necessarily a tribute to the artist's own dog, past or present.
Tsipi Mani Doggie Dog sculpture West Hollywood
This is exactly the kind of sculptural work I love, with its elongated limbs and neck making it resemble a dog, but also some exotic alien creature too.
Doggie Dog sculpture Tsipi Mani
If you like this new Doggie Dog artwork which is rumored to be staying on display for around a year, be sure to check out other recent additions like Cosimo Cavallaro's Love Your Bean installation and Liz Craft's Temple of Folly sculptures located nearby in West Hollywood Park.

I love that the area where I live has a constantly changing collection of outdoor art to stimulate the senses and make the neighborhood look more appealing, and I notice that William Sweetlove's Bulldog statues have disappeared from Santa Monica Boulevard, so I wonder what will take their place next.

Let's hope it's as fun and interesting as Doggie Dog...

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