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New drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in January 2014...

Fashion and fragrance billboards are not the only ads gracing the skies of L.A. this January, as alcohol, technology, travel and more lifestyle billboards abound this month too. Here's a selection of the eye-catching billboards making us look twice as we pass by.

Drinks billboards
Crown Royal Work like dog Celebrate like lion billboard
I always think it must be hard for alcohol brands to sell their wares with New Year's resolutions to drink less and be healthier at this time of year. That doesn't stop them though and this ad for Crown Royal Whisky, wants to let you know you work hard enough, so you deserve the best to help you unwind.
Captain Morgan Rum Country billboard
From whisky to rum, and Captain Morgan has partnered with new Starz pirate drama Black Sails to attract attention the early in the New Year. be sure to check out the whole special Black Sails ad campaign along Sunset Strip, which included cannon installations on either side of the road and even a cannonball fight. It was very inventive and a great way to raise awareness for the new show and the established alcoholic brand.
handmade tequila Patron billboard
Now that the holiday season is over, Patrón Tequila has refreshed its regular billboard site with a new ad creative espousing its handmade product.
Ciroc Vodka Celebrate with the best billboard
And Cîroc Vodka is back in the skies of L.A. with Sean Combs and his celebrity friends in this Rat Pack style creative.

Technology billboards
Giant yellow iPhone 5c billboard
No sooner had Apple unveiled these super-sized ads on the side of the Sunset Vine Tower in Hollywood, than a brand new wave of creatives sprung up around L.A. for their new smartphone offering.
Pink iPhone 5c yellow background billboard
Be sure to check out all the different variations of this duo colour ad campaign for Apple's iPhone 5c around the sprawling city streets, which suddenly made the previous campaign feel very dated.
smoke alarm Nest billboard
And in other technology news, this smoke alarm billboard for Nest is not the most exciting of ads, although it does look sleek and stylish, but the interesting development is that Nest has been bought by Google, which makes it a company and product range to watch in the future.

Sports billboards
Our Team Our Town Our Town LA Spartans Welcome you billboard
In sports the Michigan State Spartans were showing their team pride this month atop Hollywood & Highland with these two alumni association ad creatives.
You're in Spartan Country billboard
There's obviously plenty of money in American Football and its followers.

Health and charity billboards
Martin Luther King Jr AIDS Civil Rights issue AHF billboard
This month most Americans had their first day off work thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his pioneering work with the Civil Rights Movement, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation wanted to remind us his work is not done and there are other causes that are civil rights issues too in this day and age.
No protection No action HIV test billboard
Plus they continued to fill the skies with safe sex messages in January, to help educate and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
Covered California Welcome billboard
And I couldn't help but take a photo of this healthcare ad for Covered California as it'll one day be a little bit of history, offering affordable healthcare for everyone for the first time in the U.S. as President Obama's healthcare reform initiative. Despite initial hiccups with websites and constant opposition from Republicans, 3 million Americans have already signed up for private insurance plans through this new scheme. Coming from the U.K. where we have the publicly funded National Health Service, it always seemed so alien that you had to pay for healthcare in the U.S., so I can't help but feel Obama will be remembered in history for this groundbreaking and much needed initiative.

Travel and tourism billboards
Hey LA bumper to bumper traffic Arizona billboard
In the world of travel and tourism this month, Arizona had this witty, tongue-in-cheek billboard comparing their horseback traffic to L.A.'s car culture, along the Sunset Strip's busy commuter belt.
Tahoe South Get wilder this winter billboard
Plus Tahoe South was making the most of the lack of snow here in L.A. (a problem the East Coast of America wish they had no doubt), to try and entice skiers and snowboarders on holiday this winter.
LA Zoo giraffe billboard
Meanwhile if you're looking for adventures closer to home in the City of Angels, this fun giraffe ad creative for the L.A. Zoo is sure to put a smile on the most cynical of faces.

Be sure to check out more drinks and lifestyle ad campaigns at my Daily Billboard blog and come back here soon for another round-up for the latest TV and movie billboards lining the streets of L.A.

Until then, keep your eyes to the sky...

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