Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teenage Lust and Love Forever Changes GuitarTown homages along Sunset Strip...

With a New Year come new sights along L.A.'s Sunset Strip and more new GuitarTown sculptures to delights passersby.

Teenage Lust guitar sculpture by Ajax Garcia
Teenage Lust GuitarTown sculpture
One of the newest over-sized customized Gibson Les Paul fiberglass guitars to appear as part of the latest wave of public art is this yellow 'Teenage Lust' guitar, which seems to be adorned with an image of infamous actor, Johnny Depp.

I can't seem to find any information on this latest design regarding the artist or the musical inspiration (although it may have something to do with songs by The Jesus and Mary Chain or MC5, or simply they way teenagers feel about the Hollywood star), but just like all these 10-foot-tall guitars they are designed to be auctioned to raise as much money for charity as possible, this time Music for Relief.
Teenage Lust GuitarTown sculpture Sunset Strip
Johnny Depp Teenage Lust GuitarTown sculpture
Teenage Lust Guitar sculpture
This guitar which is presented for a change as a landscape rather than portrait design, can be currently found outside the Hornburg car showroom at the intersection of Cory Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.

Love 'Forever Changes' homage guitar by The Wizard
Love Forever Changes homage GuitarTown sculpture
Another recent arrival is this guitar homage to the 1960's band, Love, who played many gigs along the thriving Sunset Strip in the 60's and is entitled 'Forever Changes'.
Love 'Forever Changes' homage Guitar Whisky A Go-Go
Love Forever Changes Guitar Wizard
Love Forever Changes Guitar Whisky A Go-Go
Love Forever Changes Guitar Wizard
This tribute is by the artist 'The Wizard' and can be found on the side of the infamous Whisky A Go-Go venue at the intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.

If you like these designs, be sure to check out more of the latest GuitarTown wave III sculptures, like this cool Blondie guitar homage and more besides.

I'm sure this won't be the last of the new guitar sculptures popping up in 2014, but if you do have any info on the Teenage Lust guitar please do let me know.

Until then I'll keep my eyes peeled for more outdoor art delights...

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Jason in Hollywood said...

Running past the Johnny Depp guitar the other day I noticed that an 'Ajax Garcia' signature had been added to the back, so checkout this YouTube video for more details on the artist and his inspiration for this guitar:


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