Saturday, February 15, 2014

23 miles conquered for AIDS Project L.A., next stop the L.A. Marathon...

So with only 21 days remaining until the L.A. Marathon on Sunday March 9, 2014, our charity training group completed our final big run - we truly conquered 23 miles this morning.

T2: Team to End AIDS 009ers pace group celebrate after 23 miles
T2 Team to End AIDS marathon training group 23 miles
Today was another early 6am start, which meant an even earlier wake up call to eat and get ready for the long run. Fortunately, even though it was warm out today, the sun never really broke through and so we were spared the fierce sun's rays beating down on us.

Hmm, not sure I can say I 'loved' 23 miles
T2 Team to End AIDS marathon runner after 23 miles
I still can't believe we're at this stage in our L.A. Marathon training, with only two more weekend runs to go, a 10 and 8 mile run, then the Sunday after is race day. I must confess I struggled today, we have a house guest in town which is disrupting my normal routine, so I didn't sleep so well and I didn't eat my usual marathon day breakfast of quinoa, which helps give me that slow release of energy.

009ers happy and relieved after 23 miles 
T2 Team to End AIDS marathon training runners
Race day also provides that necessary excitement and adrenaline when your body is saying no, plus the thousands of people cheering for you along the Stadium to Sea course always lift your spirits and give you much needed boosts throughout the 26.2 miles when you need them most.

Running with fun teammates certainly helps get you through the training mileage though and also a dose of Kylie, Madonna and Cher perked us up around mile 20, so music is another amazing motivator on race day and today reminded me that I need to select my race day playlist soon.

Trying to be creative with balloons
T2 Team to End AIDS runner
On this 23 mile run the thought of the fantastic welcome we receive at the Finish Line from the organisers and supporters of AIDS Project L.A. also helps to keep you running, and my personal favourite is always the '23' helium balloons to make things more entertaining and memorable for group photos (I'm very easily pleased at times).

They've become a bit of a T2: Team to End AIDS tradition, so be sure to also check out these previous 23 mile training run celebrations.

Much happier after completing 23 miles than at 20 miles that's for sure
T2 Team to End AIDS runner after 23 miles
Not only do we all get the bragging rights of saying we ran 23 miles today, but I'm also delighted to report that we've now collectively raised around $135,000 for AIDS Project L.A. this season and I've personally received donations from friends, family and business sponsors of $5,821.

If you feel like you can help support the valuable work of AIDS Project L.A. that provides essential food, shelter and care to people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles, please DONATE TODAY (every little helps and goes to work straight away).

Now that 23 miles is out of the way and my ice-bath has helped soothe my throbbing legs, it's time to kick back, relax and eat my body weight in peanut M&Ms.

What have you done today...?

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