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New fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards in the skies of L.A. in February 2014...

I always look forward to the end of the month as that's when I do my round-ups of all the billboards that I've spotted over the last few weeks, and even though February is a short month, there's still plenty of visions in vinyl to fill the skies of L.A. this month. Here's a collection of the fashion, fragrance, food, drinks, technology and other lifestyle billboard ads that caught my eye recently.

Fashion billboards
Friends Fight Aldo Fights AIDS billboard
First up is footwear and accessories brand Aldo, who are doing a wonderful thing by helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It's nice to see the fashion retailer helping to drive awareness that AIDS is still a problem and partnering with Partners in Health and selling friendship bracelets in store and online to help finance water, food, shelter and more for those with HIV/AIDS in the poorest places.
Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2014 surfer billboard
From charitable deeds to a new season of fashion, and Marlon Teixeira and friends were on hand this month to kick off Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2014 campaign, which has certainly been appropriate in Southern California as we've been having Summer beach weather since the start of the year.
Gucci Spring 2014 billboard
Next up and designer brand Gucci brought a burst of rich red to the Sunset Strip to grab passerby attention.
Tom Ford Spring 2014 billboard
Whilst Tom Ford brought the glamour to stage-diving with his Spring 2014 collection, photographed by the man himself and with model Esther Heesch enjoying all the helping hands.
Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2014 billboard
Along the Strip in the fashion brand's usual ad location in February, Calvin Klein Collection brought some ethereal old Hollywood glamour, courtesy of Vanessa Axente.
Hale Bob Spring 2014 billboard
And Hale Bob debuted some bold new prints in time for Spring against a vibrant succulent backdrop.
AG Jeans Spring 2014 billboard
From greenery to dry grass and designer denim brand, Adriano Goldschmied, brought a field of jeans (see what I did there) to the skies this month.
Gap Fade to Blue Spring 2014 denim billboard
And speaking of denim, Gap brought some faded blue to kick of a new season of fashion.
Rounderbum billboard West Hollywood
Plus this month the award for the billboard which made me smile the most has to go to this ad creative for Rounderbum. In the land of cosmetic surgery, the quest for perfection and vanity, it's nice to know you don't need to go under the surgeons knife to get a better bum, you just need a little help in the underwear department. I'm sure these will sell like hotcakes in gay-friendly West Hollywood.

Fragrance billboards
Burberry Brit Rhythm fragrance billboard
Obviously February is not only famous for being the shortest month, but it's also sports Valentine's Day as one of its special days. Burberry tried to cash in on all that loved up gift-giving with this latest fragrance billboard for its Burberry Brit Rhythm, now with scents for him and her.

Food and drinks billboards
Baileys Cheers to women of red carpet billboard
With the awards season in full swing and the Oscars imminent, Baileys debuted this new ad female-friendly campaign toasting the glamorous ladies of the red carpet, which makes for a refreshing change from their usually festive focused campaigns.
packed like the billboards on Sunset Strip Naked Juice billboard
Another fun new ad campaign packing the skies of L.A. in late January and February were these vibrant billboards for Naked Juice, which wittily poked fun at the City of Angels traffic problems, tourists and famous landmarks.

With everyone trying to be healthy and drinking juice at the start of the year, there certainly were less alcohol brands visible this month.
Little Debby Cosmic Brownies Unwrap a smile billboard
Meanwhile, this slightly old-fashion billboard for Little Debbie's Cosmic Brownies caught my eye when I had a chocolate craving around lunchtime.
Yin Yang Burger Lounge billboard
And this ad for the Burger Lounge has been around for while, but I love that its almost anti-L.A. sentiment, trying to get you to say no to the countless salads on offer in this weight-obsessed city and give in to your desire for a great big, juicy burger.

Health billboards
9 million youth STDs yearly billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation continued its essential work educating people, especially young people, about sexually transmitted diseases.
Love is the best protection condoms billboard
That 9 million STDs figure is a worrying statistic, and running marathons and fundraising for an AIDS charity as I do, I still surprisingly hear stories about how lack of information, or knowledge, has been a problem. Prevention really is the best protection, so these simple 'love condoms' billboards really are still necessary and vital in this day and age.

Technology billboards
Wells Fargo SurePay billboard
Even though America has still to embrace chip and PIN technology in its credit cards unlike the rest of the world (although it is coming in 2015 apparently), at least banks in the U.S. are utilising new technologies like using smartphones to help with personal banking.
Samsung Galaxy phones AIO wireless billboard
Which is obviously made that much easier when those phones, like Samsung's Galaxy phones, become more affordable for all.
Giant Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear billboard
Back in 2013 Samsung heralded their new Galaxy Gear smartwatch as the next big thing, but I've yet to see anyone wearing one and I know big watches are fashionable at the moment, but this model just looks clunky and doesn't seem to have that great a battery life, or be that easy to use either.
Sonos Fill your home with music billboard
Another tech trend I'm struggling with at the moment is my new Sonos speaker that I was given for Christmas. It made look sleek and sexy, but I find the interface and the ability to import sounds from my iTunes playlist not very user-friendly at all. I'm not convinced and am thinking of switching back to my old Bose iPod dock, because sometimes you just have to "keep it simple, stupid".
Giant iPhone 5c billboard 2014
After debuting their second wave of ads for their colourful iPhone 5c, Apple updated their giant billboards on all four sides of Sunset Vine Tower in Hollywood this month to reflect the new designs.

Travel billboards
Metro more jobs skyscraper homage billboard
I think Charles Clyde Ebbets classic 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper' photograph taken during the construction of the Rockefeller Center in New York City must be one of the most copied iconic images in the advertising world, and pop culture in general.

In recent years not only has L.A.'s Metro paid homage to the image, but you can also see these other tributes in The Smurfs movie billboard and this Men at Work TV series launch billboard.
Take a Daycation Mountain High billboard
From getting folks to work to others taking a day off, or a 'daycation', and this month Mountain High winter resort in the San Gabriel Mountains was trying to tempt Los Angelenos to stay close to home and have a break from the heat and sunshine.

Car and finance billboards
Giant Cadillac 2014 ELR Coupe billboard
If you drive along the Sunset Strip at the moment you can't help but notice all the buildings that have disappeared in recent months, which is helping some billboards stand out even more, like this giant-sided ad for the Cadillac 2014 ELR coupe which is now unobstructed by the tall building that used to be on the corner of La Cienega Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.

Be sure to check out this Incredible Hulk movie billboard for what the building and its unique ad sites used to look like. No doubt in the months (and years) to come the Strip will welcome some giant new developments and apparently a few new super-sized ad sites too.
Nissan Rogue never a dull errand billboard
Meanwhile the Nissan Rogue may be all-new and in a nice sporty red, making for 'never a dull errand', but the lack of imagination in this creative makes this a rather dull ad.
We buy ugly houses caveman billboard
And speaking of buildings, this 'ugly houses' billboard also made me smile this month. It certainly gets your attention with those bright (and cheap looking) yellow and red colours, but I'm not sure I've ever want to admit to living in an ugly house, and I wonder what qualifies as one.

As you can see it really has a been a jam-packed skyline this month and that's not even mentioning all the TV, movie and music billboards yet to come.

Watch this space...

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