Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Revisiting Santa Barbara's Chromatic Gate...

After feeling poorly for two weeks and finally back to some semblance of normalcy, we thought we'd treat our Labrador and our visiting house guest to a trip to Santa Barbara, home of Cooper's favourite off-leash dog beach, Hendry's Beach, and the wonderfully colourful Chromatic Gate sculpture.

Santa Barbara's Chromatic Gate by Herbert Bayer
Chromatic Gate Herbert Bayer Santa Barbara
We weren't the only ones with that idea on Presidents Day though, and even though we struggled to find parking, we eventually exhausted our pup playing along the sandy shoreline.

Then we headed to the downtown waterfront and discovered the beach wasn't the only place packed with tourists and locals enjoying the day off.
Chromatic Gate Santa Barbara
Forced to park much further along Cabrillo Boulevard than usual, East of Stearns Wharf, we had the chance to enjoy Santa Barbara's rainbow-hued archway, the Chromatic Gate, before wandering along the infamous sidewalk arts and crafts show, filled with paintings, pottery and other crafts by local artists.

Cooper back to his old happy self at Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara
Hendrys Beach Labrador Santa Barbara
The vibrant outdoor artwork seems to have received a makeover since last we saw the Chromatic Gate back in March 2010, and a lick of paint has certainly brightened up the 21 foot arch from the sun-faded structure we'd seen almost four years ago.
Santa Barbara Chromatic Gate sculpture
I imagine they have to regularly paint the sculpture to keep it looking in optimal conditional, as there's nothing sadder than bleached out old monuments making a neighbourhood look tired and dated.
Santa Barbara rainbow Chromatic Gate
Seeing this rainbow vision again certainly helped brighten my day, so I hope it does yours too...

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