Monday, March 31, 2014

Cool new TV billboards around L.A. in March 2014...

This month along with the glut of fashion, movie and lifestyle billboards, the skies of L.A. were also crammed with lots of ad creatives for debuting TV shows and returning favourite series, with some coming to the final seasons of their critically-acclaimed runs.

TV billboards
Giant Veep season 3 billboard Sunset Strip
First up is this giant-sized billboard for the third series of the political comedy, Veep, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her Vice Presidential staff paying homage to Washington Crossing the Delaware in this clever creative.
Shameless season 4 billboard
Next up even the U.S. version of Shameless had a political, revolutionary flavour for it's fourth season billboard.
Californication season 7 billboard
And also on Showtime David Duchovny's Californication comes to the end of the road in this seventh and final season with this very open top California dreaming billboard.
Silicon Valley series launch billboard
Silicon Valley is a new comedy on HBO and about the infamous hi-tech industry region in Northern California and pays homage to Apple's founder Steve Jobs with this spoof billboard for the series launch.
Farmed and Dangerous series launch billboard
Another series debuting and paying tribute to a famous painting is Chipotle's funded comedy, Farmed and Dangerous, which resembles Grant Wood's iconic American Gothic painting of a farmer and his daughter. In this fictional Hulu series Ray Wise's devilish pitchfork wielding businessman represents big industrial food production companies versus Chipotle's favoured sustainable approach to farming.
Review series premiere billboard
Comedy Central's new comedy with Andy Daly is a show where everything in life is up for review and this was the first part of a two-part billboard series, the second version was a fun graffitied version of this Review billboard, so be sure to check the visual joke out at my Daily Billboard Blog.
Giant Vice season 2 billboard
Meanwhile Vice is back for a second season of groundbreaking news and current affairs stories from around the globe, going where other news outlets are afraid to go, and has this impactful super-sized billboard ad to attract viewers.
Giant Game of Thrones All Men Must Die season 4 billboard
And on the flip-side of the 9000 building along Sunset Boulevard, Game of Thrones if back in a back way for its fourth season with this arresting 'All men must die' crow of swords creative.

If you're a fan of the medieval fantasy series, be sure to check out all these previous season billboards for Game of Thrones too.
Mad Men final season 7 billboard
Another popular series returning for its seventh and final season is AMC's Mad Men, with this psychedelic ad creative as 'Don Draper' and those Madison Avenue advertising guys and gals head into the groovy 70's.

Again, if you're a fan of this show, be sure to check out all these different Mad Men season promo billboards from years past.
Giant Believe series premiere billboard
NBC hopes to attract audiences for its new supernatural thriller from J. J. Abrams and Alfonso CuarĂ³nBelieve, with this giant-sized billboard for the debuting show in Westwood.
The 100 series premiere billboard
And The CW hopes to attract the attention of its youthful audience with this new sci-fi mash-up of The Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies and Lost, when The 100 return to a changed post-apocalyptic Earth.
Those Who Kill series premiere billboard
Chloe Sevigny returns to TV this season with Those Who Kill, another homicide detective show, but this one with a personal stake as she tries to find out the truth about the disappearance of her brother while tracking serial killers.
Resurrection Did I really die teaser billboard
And finally, ABC's Resurrection is based on the book The Returned by Jason Mott and finds the dead loved ones of the residents of Arcadia, Missouri returned to the land of the living. I liked this 'Did I really die?' teaser billboard, but unfortunately there was no second billboard payoff to tell audiences what it was all about.

If you like these eye-catching ads, be sure to check out this month's movie billboards around L.A. and  tune in to Daily Billboard every day for all the latest TV show billboards.

Hard to believe it's the end of March already, let's hope April brings more interesting sights to the Los Angeles skyline...

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