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Eye-catching lifestyle billboards around L.A. in March 2014...

The weather may have turned in recent days here in L.A., but that hasn't stopped me capturing some of the cool lifestyle billboards lining the city skyline in March, everything from fitness, drinks, technology, car, travel and more billboards besides.

Health and fitness billboards
Giant Asics LA Marathon 2014 billboard
First up is this giant-sized billboard for this year's L.A. Marathon, which may have taken place at the beginning of the month, but this super-sized retro Asics creative featuring a L.A. Marathon legacy runner from the 80's pretty much stayed around the rest of the month to inspire others to get running and maybe enter a marathon of their own.

Be sure to check out how I did in the L.A. Marathon 2014, which was the hottest race day in over a decade.
Equinox Made me do it run naked billboard
Meanwhile the upscale gym Equinox was promoting some running of a whole other kind, in the nude. Apparently when you get in shape, you just become a bit of an exhibitionist and like to run naked at night.
Caboose Love your butt speedo billboard
And speaking of cheeky ads, this 'love your butt' health billboard featuring a rather pert man's bottom in a speedo was encouraging people to proactively look after their behind, whether you call it your booty, caboose, butt or bum.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Giant GoPro skiing billboard
Following on from surfers and snowboarders, GoPro's latest giant ad is this action-packed skiing creative for the extreme sports video camera brand. If you like this impactful visual, be sure to check out the other super-sized GoPro billboards that have graced this wall in the heart of Hollywood.
Verizon More places More likes billboard
On elf the things that I'll never quite get used to living in America is the use of comparative advertising between brands, where the blatantly diss the competition, which isn't so prevalent in the U.K. Telecommunications companies and the tech firms that make the phones seem to do this a lot, but at least these two ads for Verizon and AT&T are not so cutthroat.
AT&T Most reliable network billboard
Verizon's Californian cruising-themed billboard claims to have the best network in SoCal, with a  youthful social media vibe to the creative, whilst AT&T claims to be America's most reliable 4G LTE network. Who to believe?

Car billboards
All-new Audi A3 Coming April 2014 billboard
In the world of outdoor car advertising, Audi has been teasing its new Audi A3 this month with this stylish creative highlighting the sleek design details of the car.
I love LA All-electric Fiat 500e billboard
Whilst the compact Fiat 500e has been trying to promote the love for its all-electric car, with this clever spin on the 'I love L.A.' slogan, with the iconic heart being replaced by a plug socket.

Drinks billboards
Absolut Elyx Vodka billboard
Meanwhile those vodka brands don't rest on their laurels and always seem to be dreaming up new flavour concoctions or ways to present their liquor, like Absolut's new luxury handcrafted Elyx vodka.
Smirnoff Wild Honey Vodka billboard
Whilst Smirnoff keeps the delicious tastes coming with variants like Wild Honey and Cinna-Sugar Twist, which sound perfect if you have a sweet tooth.
Smirnoff Cinna Sugar Twist Vodka billboard
These two Smirnoff cocktail ad creatives were spied on the side of the W Hotel in Hollywood.
Ketel One Vodka Legacy passed father son billboard
Ketel One has a different approach to marketing its vodka, emphasising the unique heritage and craftsmanship of its offering.
Juice Cream Party billboard
And in the non-alcoholic arena, this Juice brand is being more than slightly suggestive with its billboard for its Cream Party coconut water drink. they've obviously taken that old adage, sex sells, to heart (or mouth in this case).

Beauty billboards
European Wax Center Great movies Great brows billboard
In the world of beauty, European Wax Center's billboard in the heart of Hollywood is obviously trying to establish a dubious connection with the movies with its latest ad, although the use of hot young models always help grab attention.

And if you like this ad creative, be sure to check out this giant cheeky bikini billboard for European Wax Center along L.A.'s Sunset Strip last year.

Travel and tourism billboards
Celebrity Cruises Alaska billboard
Celebrity Cruises also increased their advertising presence in Hollywood this month with these creatives featuring stunning visuals for the travel company's luxury destinations in Alaska and Europe.
Celebrity Cruises Europe billboard
And next up, this giant ad could easily fall under the music genre, but as it's advertising the Light nightclub venue in Las Vegas where Swedish DJ Alesso is performing, it can sit comfortably in travel and tourism billboards too.
Giant Alesso Light nightclub Las Vegas billboard
And speaking of tourism and things to do, there's a new power couple in L.A. hoping to attract your attention.
Newest power couple LA Zoo lions billboard
Forget all the Hollywood starlets and Z-List celebrities, these lions at the Los Angeles Zoo are probably far more interesting than the vast majority of these so called stars.

Media billboards
The Kims They're on the same page Mail online billboard
And finally speaking of power couples, who'd have thought reality spotlight hog Kim Kardashian and North Korea's Kim Jong-un would ever share the same headline. This is a fun billboard for the U.K. website brand, even though the Daily Mail newspaper constantly fans the flames of intolerance, hatred, ignorance and bigotry on a daily basis.

As you can see there's been a smattering of eclectic lifestyle billboards around L.A. this month.

Be sure to also check out March's stylish fashion billboards and stay tuned for the best TV and film ad creatives gracing the skies of the City of Angels in the days to come...

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