Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy St. David's Day from sunny and rainy L.A...

Southern California had so far escaped the polar vortex affecting the rest of America and the terrible flooding in Britain, but in the last two days L.A. has been playing catch up with its annual rainfall. What better way to be reminded of my birthplace of Wales though, than with some heavy torrential rain.

Cooper hunted down some daffodils for St. David's Day
The other day in sunnier conditions whilst out walking Cooper, we came across some lovely yellow daffodils (one the Welsh national symbols, along with leeks) and I thought it would make a fine picture to help celebrate St. David's Day, the first day of March remembering the patron saint of Wales.

Everyone makes such a fuss about St. Patrick's Day, probably because of all the drinking involved, but no one ever bats an eye over St. David's Day here.

What is this stuff falling from the sky?
Yellow Labrador Cooper in rain
Anyway, I'm sure the rain has come to mark the occasion and considering Cooper is a true Yellow Labrador Retriever who loves water (at least swimming in it), you'd think he wouldn't mind a bit of precipitation. I swear he was stepping so gingerly on the wet pavement and as you can see was ever so slightly bemused by the raindrops falling on his muzzle.

Personally I just hope I'm not in for another 'Monsoon L.A. Marathon' next weekend.

Cooper is not amused that Sir Elton has taken over his 
West Hollywood park for his annual Oscar party
Even though his parents come from the U.K. and Scandinavia, I think Cooper is a true Los Angeleno now and prefers sunnier weather conditions, although not too hot.

However our pup wasn't too happy the other day when we tried to go on a walk to his favourite West Hollywood park, only to discover it was closed and fenced off for the build up for Elton John's annual Academy Awards party.

You know sometimes with all the rain and the Oscar parties getting in the way, it's a hard life being a Labrador...


Lorin Morgan-Richards said...

We have a St Davids Day Festival every year in LA, check out

Jason in Hollywood said...

Good to know, thanks!

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