Friday, March 7, 2014

I finally managed to get into the L.A. Marathon 2014 Expo...

One of my least favourite things to do in life is wait in line, whether it be at a theme park, for a club and certainly not when I'm trying to pick up my race packet at the Expo for the L.A. Marathon.

Proof that nobody walks in L.A.
- we all run marathons (at least one day a year)
Proof that nobody walks in LA Marathon Expo 2014
I'm not sure what the hold up was this morning at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as it had nothing at all to do with extra security checks (unlike those planned for race day), but whoever thought it was a good idea to make participants who'd shown up early wait for 45 minutes, or more, to pick up their bib no. and race day kit, that was an epic fail.

Queueing to get into the L.A. Marathon Expo 2014
Queueing LA Marathon Expo 2014
Waiting in line LA Marathon Expo 2014
Apparently the queues lessened as the day went on, but we just couldn't believe that we'd been penalized for turning up early on the first day of the Expo, trying to avoid the inevitable crush of Saturday.

I for one have never experienced this problem in the past and no one could provide a valid explanation for why it was happening.

Still waiting in line now and getting bored
Still waiting LA Marathon Expo 2014
Big queue LA Marathon Expo 2014
Once inside the exhibition hall, there was more than enough space to accommodate everyone and it just made for a bad way to start your marathon experience (especially since I've been nursing a bad ankle and didn't want to stand in line overly long).

Finding my name on the wall of L.A. Marathon runners
LA Marathon Expo 2014 runner wall of names
Anyway, regardless of the wait, we soon picked up our official race bibs and t-shirts and had some fun posing with the motivational Asics advertising posters around the Expo, including finding our names on the wall of runners for this year's marathon, which is so simple, but always a bit of a thrill to see your name in print and part of this massive event.
LA Marathon Expo 2014 Finish Lines can't stop us
After waiting so long to get in, we didn't really feel that inclined to stick around the Expo for long, so after picking up a few samples and taking some photos we headed off.

In the afternoon I actually headed to the doctor's to check out my ankle and to do a quick jog to make sure that I'd still be able to run the marathon on Sunday. I'm pleased to say, aside from 'some' discomfort, I managed the 3.2 miles at a reasonable pace, now just to run that and another 23 miles on race day.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends, family and supporters for their donations to AIDS Project L.A. who I'm running the marathon for, their generosity will keep me motivated this weekend for sure.

Now for a soak in a nice epsom salt bath to help my aching muscles methinks...

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