Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ouch - what not to do the week before a marathon...

Argh, calamity! There I've been worried about finishing times and preparing for the race day of this year's L.A. Marathon, and maybe what I should have been doing is paying more attention to where I was running. Unfortunately yesterday on my last training run of the season with my fellow T2: Team to End AIDS runners, I turned my left ankle half way along the route. Talk about lousy timing.

My twisted ankle in my running shoe
Badly sprained ankle
For a moment I thought I'd broken it, especially when I heard a pop, which could have been the twig I stumbled on, but sounded more like my ankle crunching. There was lots of debris on the road after the thunderstorm last night, so trust accident prone me to get an injury just one week before the marathon.

After icing and elevating my leg all day, plus some anti-inflammatory pills, the swelling seems to have gone down a bit and I can hobble about, with no shooting pains, so I think it'll be okay with a bit more rest.

And even more swollen after removing my shoe
Badly sprained ankle
Well I was going to rest up this week anyway, but I'd have preferred to have done it by choice rather than out of necessity. I'm keeping everything crossed that I'm going to be healed by race day, if not I'm sure if I strap my ankle it'll hold for the 26.2 miles. Wish me luck and send me healing thoughts.

And if you're really feeling sorry for me, maybe you'd consider making a donation to the charity I'm running for this year, AIDS Project L.A.

In the meantime I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy today's Oscars...

UPDATED: So I'm pleased to report that with some TLC and a day of watching the Oscars and the Red Carpet arrivals whilst sipping champagne (as well as some major icing, elevation and epsom salt baths), my sprained ankle seems to be improving.

More swelling and bruising the next day
Swollen left ankle
I can now walk on it with more confidence and I've been to the sports doctor to get it checked out and strapped up - and it's true, black is always so slimming.

All professionally strapped up
Swollen ankle strapped with tape
Now with only six days to go to the L.A. Marathon I'm optimistic that I'll be back on my feet and ready to run this Sunday. I may not be my fastest out there, but I'm aiming to cross that Finish Line.

Keep sending all that positive energy, I think it's doing the trick...

UPDATED: One week later and on the eve of the L.A. Marathon and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to complete the race.

Sprained ankle one week later
Sprained ankle one week later
As you can see after a week of resting, icing, elevation and epsom salt baths, all the colours of the rainbow seem to have come out in my foot bruising. I really was lucky nothing was broken and that it hasn't been that painful, just the odd throb now and again.

All strapped up and ready to run
Rock-tape strapped ankle for race day
This morning I went in for one more dose of physiotherapy and to be strapped up to help with ankle stability. Let's hope that does the trick on race day...

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