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Eye-catching drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in April 2014...

You've seen the movie, music, TV and fashion billboards gracing L.A.'s skyline in April 2014, no it's time to take a look at the visions in vinyl for drinks, food, technology, travel and tourism brands.

Drinks billboards
Pepsi Say hello to my little friend billboard
This month Pepsi was serving up its new mini-can on a plate. You know what they say about good things coming in small packages, well apparently this little can gives epic satisfaction.
Naked Juice 1lb of fruit every bottle billboard
Following on from Naked Juice's recent locally themed ad campaign, they've gone back to basics with this follow-up billboard, simply stating what ingredients are in their product.
Bushmills Irish Whiskey Aaron Paul billboard
From soft drinks to alcoholic offerings and Aaron Paul and his friends were the face of Bushmills Irish Whiskey this month along the Sunset Strip.
Giant Tequila Herradura Never Compromise billboard
With Cinco de Mayo celebrations on the way, Tequila Herradura was back in a big way on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood to remind everyone which tipple to drink on the 5th.
Smirnoff Vodka Exclusively for everybody billboard
After a backlash against Russian vodka (even those brands in other hands now, but with Russian origins) after their anti-gay actions in recent times against their own population, Smirnoff seems to be keen to let everyone know their vodka is 'exclusively for everybody'.
Ciroc Vodka Perfect shot NBA billboard
Another vodka brand back in the skies of L.A. this month was Cîroc, proclaiming it was the perfect shot (pun intended) as the official toast of the NBA.
Coors Light Refreshment delivered billboard
As the temperature heats up in L.A., Coors Light was on hand to deliver some liquid refreshment, whether you're climbing mountains or simply lounging by the pool.
Dos Equis charisma billboard
Meanwhile the 'Most interesting man in the world' was back this month with a whole slew of witty ads, so be sure to check out these other Dos Equis beer billboards too.

Food billboards
Little Debbie Cloud Cakes Unwrap a smile billboard
And if all those beers and cocktails give you a case of the munchies, maybe some old-fashioned Little Debbie Cloud Cakes can satisfy your sugar cravings.
Burger Lounge Ad version Real version billboard
And if cakes and confectionary doesn't do it for you, maybe a nice juicy burger will do the trick. I love this simple, but effective 'ad' vs. 'real' ad creative from Burger Lounge, let's hope the reality actually lives up to the promise.

Health and fitness billboards
Cesar Chavez AIDS Healthcare Foundation billboard
In the same way AIDS Healthcare Foundation used Martin Luther King, Jr. in their recent billboard to highlight that AIDS is a civil rights issue, following on from Cesar Chavez Day on March 31, they are using the Latino civil rights activist to do the same thing to speak to the Hispanic community.
Putting the health in healthcare AIDS Foundation billboard
Plus AHF also have this chin-up creative to reinforce their health message this month.
Equinox Made me do it billboard
And speaking of fitness, upscale gym Equinox continues to take the blame for its members getting into all kinds of trouble, like hiding out in car trunks. Oh, how we laughed.

Technology billboards
Giant HTC One ask the internet billboard
This month the battle of the smartphones continues in the skies of L.A., with this giant billboard for the new HTC One Android phone on the side of the Andaz Hotel.
Giant Samsung S5 and Gear 2 billboard
Whilst Samsung continues to push its S5 smartphone and Gear 2 watch, which it wants you to believe is the next big thing.
Make every day Earth Day Nest billboard
The Sunset Strip continues to change this month after months of demolition of old buildings to make way for new hotel and residential developments, this bold new billboard site for Ace Outdoor Advertising appeared to replace the recent ad sites lost.
New Ace outdoor advertising billboard Sunset Strip
The massive architecturally-designed fluid blue billboard hoarding (by Lorcan O' Herlihy Architects) has two ads, both for Nest and their thermostat and smoke alarm product at the moment, being very environmentally-friendly with their Earth Day message.
Nest Make every day Earth Day billboard
The double billboard also utilizes LED lighting technology which is energy saving, using 85% less than standard billboard lighting.

Car billboards
Audi A3 Hugs corners cuts none billboard
In the world of cars, after teasing us for months the new sleek, corner hugging Audi A3 was finally unveiled.
Mini Burns rubber reads email billboard
And the Mini launched a new ad campaign this month highlighting the benefits of the little motor, so you can read your email whilst zipping around town (although I'm not sure how safe that is, especially when L.A.'s drivers are already crazy, they don't need any further distractions).

Travel and tourism billboards
Delta Airlines on location billboard
Delta was advertising in the heart of Hollywood this month to encourage studios to fly with their airline to their filming locations.
Drai's rooftop beach club Las Vegas billboard
Las Vegas nightclub venue Drai's was advertising its new rooftop beach club with this cheeky billboard along the Strip.
Getty Villa Bronzed gods Chiseled Abs billboard
And finally, this witty billboard for The Getty Villa made me smile this month with its parody of L.A.'s narcissism and obsession with the perfect body and poolside lifestyle.

As you can see it's been a crowded city skyline in April and I hope you've enjoyed all these billboard round-ups in recent days as much as I have.

I look forward to seeing what visual delights May has to offer...

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