Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from a poorly pup...

Happy Easter everyone, although there's a reason that our adorable Labrador Cooper doesn't look too happy in this photo (although you can still see his tail wagging) as he's having to spend the night at the local animal hospital after a night of upset stomach and vomiting.

Happy Easter from Labrador Cooper
Yellow Labrador Cooper Easter Bunny
None of us slept much last night (or the past few days), as we were either rushing outdoors for emergency toilet breaks or cleaning up after he was sick.

The bland diet we tried over the past few days obviously wasn't working and after an examination, a few blood tests and x-rays, the vet say he has pancreatitis and is a bit dehydrated. So Cooper's going to stay to rest, be observed and have an IV infusion of fluids to help him feel better.

We are still not entirely sure we know what caused his poorly stomach and nausea, but we know he's in the best place to recover.

Hopefully he'll be reunited with his Easter Bunny (and his dads) as soon as possible, and I'll have some good news to report...

UPDATED: After two nights at the animal hospital recovering (which cost the same as staying at a five-star resort, not that we begrudge him the cost of getting better), a tired Cooper is back where he belongs at home and doing well.
Exhausted Labrador Cooper
I'm sure with a bit of rest, plus enough medication to make him rattle if you shook him, he'll be back on his feet bouncing around in no time at all.

Let's hope this poorly pup isn't sick again anytime soon...

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