Tuesday, April 8, 2014

High times at low tide...

There's nothing like starting a new month in glorious Southern California than a visit to the beach to stroll along the sandy shoreline and see our Yellow Labrador Cooper frolicking amongst the waves.

Off-leash fun at Hendry's Beach
Labrador off-leash Hendry's Beach Santa Barbara
On Sunday we took advantage of the beautifully clear blue skies and perfect temperature, warm but not too hot, to drive up to Cooper's favourite dog beach, Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara, where he can run free off-leash for what seems like miles when the tide is out.
Hendry's Beach rocky shoreline
One thing we did notice this time as it was low tide was how different the landscape of the shore looked, much more rocky and pebble-strewn than at high tide.
Hendry's Beach mussel-covered rocks
It gives you an idea of what our pup is charging into when the ocean is covering more of the beach.
Labrador Cooper splashes along shore
In fact it's not just the jagged mussel-clad rocks that are uncovered when the tide goes out, you see more of the picturesque weathered tree trunks covered in algae, the reflective wet sand (which makes for a pretty picture) and lots of seashells and pebbles.
Hendry's Beach algae covered tree trunk
Walking along the shoreline always does the trick of blowing away the cobwebs and tiring out our pup, although these days after a trip to the beach and chasing tennis balls in and out of the waves, Cooper is always stiff as a board and takes a few days to fully recover now that he's almost six.
Hendry's Beach tree trunks holding up cliff
The only thing I always think that spoils the coastline of Santa Barbara is the oil rigs you can see off in the distance, which destroy the mystique of what is marketed as the American Riviera. Even so, it still feels like we're on holiday every time we visit and as you can see, a good time is had by all.
Labrador Cooper Hendry's Beach
The only other things to note if you pay this beach a visit is the limited parking, with lots of people coming at the weekend for brunch and lunch at the popular Boathouse restaurant, plus also the fact that the dog showers that used to be perfect for getting all the sand and salt off your dog no longer work (and frustratingly we still have lots of tokens for them too).

Regardless, I can't imagine it'll be too long until we return for more shoreline adventures...

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