Friday, April 25, 2014

Start spreading the news, I'm running the New York Marathon 2014...

With it becoming increasingly unlikely I'll be running the Vancouver Marathon next weekend as I'm still waiting for some travel documents, it looks like I need something else to look forward to on the horizon. So, after another year of failing to get into the New York Marathon via the lottery system I decided to bite the bullet and sign up with a charity entry, so let the countdown to running the Big Apple begin.

This November I'll be in a an Empire State of mind
New York City skyline
The New York Marathon is certainly on my bucket list of things to do before I die, or for as long as I can keep running, just like running the London Marathon in the future is a dream of mine too.

I'm swapping palm trees for skyscrapers
Running LA Marathon 2014
So to run the race on November 2, 2014 I'll be raising money once again for AIDS Project L.A., the organisation I run the L.A. Marathon for, but this time I'll be mostly training on my own and not part of the usual T2: Team to End AIDS crowd.

The good news is though, many friends of mine from the same charity and indeed my 9 minute pace group will also be running the marathon, so I'm hoping we'll get to run some of those longer training runs together to help the time pass more enjoyably.

I can't wait to run those car-less New York City streets
New York City streets
Unfortunately the first year I entered the New York Marathon lottery is the year they decided to change to rules about qualifying for the race. In the past if you entered the lottery three times and didn't get in, on your fourth year you'd automatically be grandfathered in to the run the race.

Now that the iconic event has become so popular (over 90,000 try an enter annually), the year I applied they scrapped this rule and now it really is all down to luck, or you're forced to enter via a charity option.

The New York Marathon Finish Line is in Central Park
Central Park view Rockefeller Center
These past few years running marathons for charity I'm proud to say I've raised almost $17,000, so another $3,000 (at least) will not only take me to the New York Marathon, but to also $20,000 in donations (and did I mention I'll be paying for my own flights and accommodation, so all my fundraising goes directly to helping people).

An Autumnal 26.2 mile run in New York
Central Park reservoir New York
The world famous marathon starts on Staten Island and crosses over to run through Brooklyn and Queens, then across the Queensboro Bridge, up First Avenue and across another bridge to the Bronx, back over Madison Avenue Bridge and the final 5 miles are mostly down Fifth Avenue to the Finish Line in Central Park South.

I've visited New York several times as a tourist, but I always feel you get to know a city when you run it, so I'm really excited already for this challenge.

I'm sure I'll be wearing more layers for the NYC Marathon 
than the L.A. Marathon
Brooklyn Bridge New York
I've already started my fundraising campaign, but if there's anyway you can help me get to my $3,000 target, every donation helps no matter how small (or large), please DONATE TODAY.

I honesty can't wait to run with the other 48,000 participants (and I'm praying for no hurricanes or polar vortexes on the East Coast this year)...

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