Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cool TV billboards around L.A. in May 2014...

Even though there's been a ton of competition in the skies of L.A. this month, it's the TV genre that has dominated the city skyline, with lots of billboards for new Summer season shows and for cable channels and networks hopeful to garner some Emmy Award nominations this year.

TV billboards
From Dusk Till Dawn series premiere billboard
First up, proving that vampires are not dead yet on the small screen, it's a billboard for the TV series remake of 1996's From Dusk Till Dawn.
Freakshow season 2 billboard
Keeping to the fantastical and AMC's reality TV circus of horrors is back for a sophomore season, this time with some proper outdoor advertising support like this ad creative of performer 'Morgue' sword-swallowing. If you like this arresting visual, be sure to check out the other striking Freakshow season two billboards.
Walking Dead Something Human Emmy 2014 billboard
As I mentioned, this month it really has been about the Emmy Consideration billboards popping up for various shows, like this Something Human Emmy ad campaign for The Walking Dead.
True Detective Revolutionary Emmy 2014 billboard
And just like last year the premium cable subscription channel HBO has delivered a truly cohesive and captivating campaign for its diverse dramas, comedies and informational shows. Be sure to take a look at these HBO 2014 Emmy Consideration billboards, like this 'Revolutionary' True Detective creative, for shows like Game of Thrones, Girls, Silicon Valley, Veep and more besides.
Key Peele Donald Sterling Emmy 2014 billboard
Other channels like Comedy Central use humour to get their point across and encourage voters, like this hilarious and timely billboard for comedy duo Key & Peele, which pokes fun at Donald Sterling and his racist remarks that have ultimately forced him to sell his stake in the L.A. Clippers basketball team.
NBA Playoffs 2014 billboard
And speaking of basketball, who knew there'd be just as much drama off the court as on for the NBA Playoffs.
Alpha House Emmy 2014 billboard
Back to those Emmy campaigns, and even though Amazon Studios didn't support their first original series, Alpha House starring John Goodman, when it launched, they certainly seem to want to benefits of being an Emmy nominated and winning comedy show.
Vintage style Mad Men Emmy 2014 billboard
One show which was giving it everything they had for their seventh and final season was this fantastic retro-style Emmy campaign for Mad Men, which feature the show's beloved characters like 'Joan Holloway' and 'Don Draper' in mock advertisements for products from the 60's. The clever billboards totally live up to the credentials of the fictional Madison Avenue advertising agency they work for.
The Leftovers giant teaser billboard
Even though there were many Emmy consideration billboards pooping up this month, there were also more than a few ad creatives for totally new shows, like this edgy teaser for HBO's The Leftovers, which deals with the aftermath when 2% of the world's population mysteriously vanish and friends, family and loved ones have to deal with being left behind.
Rosemarys Baby remake billboard
From Dusk Till Dawn is not the only movie to get a TV remake this month either, as Roman Polanski's 1968 horror classic Rosemary's Baby gets the NBC mini-series treatment with Zoe Saldana in the lead role instead of Mia Farrow.
Penny Dreadful season 1 billboard
More supernatural goings on also came this month in the form of Showtime's original series Penny Dreadful set in Victorian London, which takes its name from the cheap sensational pulp fiction publications from the 19th century.
Halt and Catch Fire series premiere billboard
From Olde London Town, to America of the 80's and AMC's new drama Halt and Catch Fire, which focuses on the real-life technological race to build a better home computer.
Night Shift series premiere billboard
From the battles between Macs and PCs to the battle for life in NBC's new medical drama, The Night Shift. It's different because it takes place at night, such originality.
Longmire season 3 billboard
Absaroka County Sheriff 'Walt Longmire' is back for a third season with this cool illustrated ad creative.
Perception season 3 billboard
And Eric McCormack returns for a third season of visions, clues and crime-solving in TNT's Perception.
Gang Related series premiere billboard
More crime drama comes from the rookie show Gang Related, when a gang taskforce cop finds himself torn between his job and the street gang he's indebted to from his youth.
Giant Power series premiere billboard
And speaking of torn loyalties, in Starz new series Power, a notorious drug dealer most choose between his illegal life of crime and his new respectable Manhattan nightclub. Choose wisely, indeed.
Life Below Zero season 3 billboard
Back in the 'real' world and this season three billboard for National Geographic's Life Below Zero show's the harsh reality of living in the wilds of Alaska, battling snowstorms, man-eating beasts and bitter winters.
Mountain Men season 3 billboard
An in a similar vein, the History channel's Mountain Men is back for third season of survival in the wilderness.
David Spade My Fake Problems comedy special billboard
From the harsh reality of nature to the fake problems of David Spade, and this billboard for his comedy special stand-up show surely hits the mark with its L.A. audience, where your main worries are the latest health fads and which pool party will help advance your career more.
Loiter Squad season 3 billboard
Another show back for a third season is Adult Swim's sketch show Loiter Squad, which had this fun faux call girl billboard to promote the new episodes.
Undateable series premiere billboard
And my pick of the new sitcoms which I predict won't last beyond one season is NBC's Undateable, which doesn't really to try to capture your imagination and if this reflects the quality of Chris D'Elia's new series then I don't hold out much hope for it.
America's Got Talent season 9 billboard
With the U.S. version of The X-Factor cancelled and American Idol's ratings waning, America's Got Talent is back for a ninth season this Summer, so I really hope they have some fun tricks up their sleeve to keep viewers tuning in.
The Sixties CNN billboards
Meanwhile over on CNN their new ten-part series The Sixties, explores the decade that shaped America, from the assassination of JFK to the Cold War, the moon landing and the civil rights movement (they had me with the picture from the camp 60's Batman show which I loved as a kid).
Turbo FAST billboard
And finally for this installment of TV billboards, here's the debut season billboard for DreamWorks Turbo FAST cartoon series exclusively on Netflix (based on last year's Turbo animated movie).

As you can see it's been a crowded skyline this month and I always love this time of year when all the studios are shouting for attention to garner accolades for their shows, rather than simply trying to drive viewership.

Interesting times, make for interesting skies, so stay tuned for even more outdoor advertising round-ups from the month of May, like these fabulous fashion billboards and these refreshing drinks and lifestyle billboards...

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