Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Enjoying a Southern California wedding...

On the weekend we escaped the heatwave of the past week by traveling up the California coast to Arroyo Grande in San Luis Obispo County for a lovely whimsical wedding.

Yummy wedding cake
3 tier Wedding Cake
After getting married myself last July, it was really a delight to share in someone else's special day, especially at a lovely open-air setting like this Casitas Estate venue.
Wedding alter Southern California
I've never had a great love affair with weddings, mainly due to the fact that being gay it wasn't always an option growing up and my lifestyle was often vilified by religion. That's why my own wedding was very simple, unlike most women who grow up planning for this special day.
Wedding tables Casitas Estate
We were honoured to be invited to this intimate wedding, where you could see how much love and attention had gone into every detail, and how this was the perfect fairytale wedding for the bride and groom - they both looked like they were having a ball with all their friends and family.
Wedding Day table top flowers decorations
The journey up the coast actually reminded us of previous road trips driving up the Route 1 Pacific Coast Highway and we even drove through wine country, which evoked memories of wine tasting along the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail.
Wedding Day table decorations
On trips like this I'm also reminded that when we lived in the U.K. a trip to Southern California would be a major vacation for us, whilst now it's a way of life for us and that's really amazing (although living or visiting the freeway traffic is always hell).

It's not often you see me in a suit
Dressed for a California Wedding
Fortunately the weather had cooled down from the 100° temperatures of the previous week and there's nothing like drinking wine and dancing at night under a beautiful California sky.
Clean sheets post-it Hilton Hotel
One of the things that made us laugh staying overnight at out local Hilton hotel was this post-it note letting us know that our bed linen was clean, which I thought was pretty much expected when you pay to stay at a hotel, but maybe not.

I'm sure fun was had by all and I know it won't be long until we are making another road trip up the coastline to enjoy all California has to offer...

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