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Refreshing drinks and cool lifestyle billboards filling the skies of L.A. in May 2014...

This months the skies of L.A. have been filled with loads of thrust quenching suggestions for Summer, and even though the 'May Grey' marine layer has made photographic conditions trickier in the mornings, here's a collection of the best eye-catching drinks, car, travel and other lifestyle billboards making the city skyline more interesting this month.

Drinks bilboards
Coors Light 3D mountain climber billboard
One of the most stand out billboards this month is this fantastic 3D mountain climber installation for Coors Light, which certainly makes a cool, adventurous and refreshing statement on a hot L.A. day with those snow-capped mountain peaks.
Corona Extra Summer's biggest star billboard
Corona Extra is once again encouraging you to find your beach and enjoy the lime wedge adorned beer.
Corona Light Now on draft billboard
And what's more Corona Light is now available on draft, although the lime looks a bit out of place on the side of pint glass compared to the top of a bottle.
Work Hard Play Hard is Backwards Kona Brewing Co billboard
Those laid-back Hawaiians at the Kona Brewing Co. think us mainlanders have the old adage 'work hard, play hard' the wrong way around and you know what, they may just be right.
mixed oil water Dos Equis beer billboard
Meanwhile there seem to be no ends to the talents of the World's Most Interesting Man, as he even seems to be able to mix water and oil successfully.

If you like this fun ad, be sure to check out more of the latest wave of these witty Dos Equis beer billboards.
Budweiser Million Ways to Die in the West billboard
And Budweiser beer continues to associate itself with the movies with this product endorsement of Seth MacFarlane's new Western comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West.
Stella Artois A cut above billboard
Plus Stella Artois still promotes itself as being 'a cut above' other beers with this latest ad creative, although it reminds me of a festive Heineken beer billboard with similar imagery.
Tonight we Tanqueray gin singer billboard
In the world of spirits, Tanqueray gin continues its 'Tonight we Tanqueray' ad campaign with this striking jazz singer billboard creative.
Thousands Poland 100 years ain't yogurt Sobieski Vodka billboard
And Sobieski Vodka continues to have fun with its ads, like this one suggesting that it's the vodka not the yogurt that helps the Polish live long lives.
138 Water Lexie Marlow bikini billboard
And in the world of soft beverages, 138 Water persists with its ad campaign using scantily-clad swimwear models to attract attention to its bottled water brand, although at least a this beach ad creative is in keeping with Summer in Southern California.

Be sure to take a look at these other examples of 138 Water billboards that have filled the skies of L.A. in the past.
Soft Semi or Hard Juice cleanse billboard
Another brand using titillation or sexual innuendo to market its product is this tongue-in-cheek Juice ad, which asks if you like your juice cleanse soft, semi or hard.
Coca-Cola Something for everyone billboard
Meanwhile since its fizzy drinks are facing mounting criticism due to their high sugar content and the chemicals used in their lower calorie versions are being questioned, Coca-Cola had this family of products billboard highlighting its the different sizes of its carbonated drinks, but also its juice and water offerings. 'Something for everyone', indeed.
Starbucks Shake up your iced tea billboard
And another brand hoping to challenge perceptions is Starbucks, who wants you to know that they don't just serve coffee, but at this time of year they have iced tea on offer to quench your thirst (plus they are also trialling wine in some of their locations with reasonable success in order to encourage visitors later in the day when they don't need a coffee buzz). Being a typical Brit, even in this heat I still prefer a nice hot cuppa to iced tea any day.

Food billboards
Ben Jerry's core amazing billboard
Something else to help cool you down this Summer is the new indulgent 'Core' offering from Ben & Jerry's, with fudge, caramel and raspberry jam centres to their yummy ice-cream.

Auto billboards
Giant Cadillac 2015 Escalade billboard
In the world of cars, Cadillac wants to announce their new arrival, the 2015 Escalade, in a big way with this giant-sized billboard along the Sunset Strip and more ads dotted around the streets of L.A.
Cadillac 2015 Escalade billboard
They certainly let the massive car do the talking in these ad creatives.
Audi TDI clean diesel so next century billboard
Meanwhile Audi is pioneering the future by promoting the fuel efficiency and environmentally-friendly (lower CO2 emission) benefits of its TDI clean diesel engine.
76 gas Dodger tickets billboard
And speaking of fuel, 76 are offering customers the chance to buy one Dodger baseball ticket and get the other free at their gas stations.

Travel and tourism billboards
Celebrity Cruises Asia billboard
After spotting cruise ads for Greece, Alaska, the Caribbean and other parts of Europe in months past, in May I spotted this version for Celebrity Cruises in Asia.
Discover LA Loved ones en route billboard
And whilst some were advertising holiday destinations further afield, others were highlighting what L.A. has to offer, and I'm assuming this is for pet-friendly hotels and things to do.
Ditch Fridays Palms Las Vegas billboard
And if cute puppies don't do it for you, maybe a horde of bikini-wearing women will entice you to Las Vegas for Palms pool and day club, where there's no work and all play (sound like Kona Brewing co. beers would fit in well here).
Cromwell Las Vegas Drai's rooftop beach club billboard
This month The Cromwell boutique hotel in Las Vegas also continued to plus its unique rooftop beach club venue, Drai's.
Great Horror Campout billboard 2014
And in a world where Spartan races, mud runs and zombie obstacle courses have become popular, it was only a matter of time before horror enthusiasts had their own Summer campout. Let's just hope the Great Horror Campout delivers the scares, but the body count is lower than in the films they like to watch.

Health billboards
Putting health in healthcare push up AHF billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation continued to promote its healthy message in May with this push-up ad creative.

Financial billboards
Wells Fargo mobile banking billboard
And Wells Fargo highlighted its smartphone and online banking services, whilst at the same time discouraging texting and driving which is a growing cause of traffic accidents.

Book billboards
If this is man's world who cares Girl Boss book billboard
And I thought this 'If this is a man's world, who cares?' copy billboard was a cool approach for drawing attention to Sophia Amoruso's new GirlBoss book.

Dating billboards
Meet your new daddy Seeking Arrangement billboard
Finally here's a billboard which made me look twice, as it's not really about birthdays, but a dating website for women looking for a rich sugar daddy to take care of them, or rich sugar daddies looking for hot young women to have as arm candy. I'm more than sure there are enough of both categories in L.A.

As you can see its been a crowded sky this month and there's still more round-ups of fashion, TV and movies to come, so stick around in the days to come for more fantastic billboards gracing the City of Angels skyline in May...

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