Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer fashion, fragrance and beauty billboards around L.A. in May 2014...

Aside from the heatwaves mixed with gloomy, misty mornings, you can tell Summer is on the way in L.A. by the proliferation of scantily-clad beauties and more colourful apparel in the city's skies. Here's a glimpse of some of the stylish fashion, fragrance and cosmetics billboards spotted around Los Angeles this May.

Fashion billboards
H&M bikini 2014 billboard
As it's almost pool party and beach season H&M has rolled out its swimwear models to make women start thinking about losing those extra pounds to look good in their skimpiest bikinis this Summer.
H&M bikini 2014 billboards Sunset Strip
And it's not just the women, as 2(X)ist continues to advertise its range of male swimwear in the heart of West Hollywood, where everyone wants to have the perfect abs, pecs and biceps (although they often forget about the legs).
2Xist mens swimwear billboard
Fortunately if you don't have a killer body, the message is you can always cover up with a simple t-shirt and some fun shorts too.
2Xist male swimwear billboard
Tommy Hilfiger also wants to get into the spirit with this latest beachwear collection billboard for men, women and kids along the Sunset Strip.
Tommy Hilfiger beachwear 2014 billboard
In addition to swimwear, another sign of Summer is the abundance of sunglasses billboards, like these recent Gucci and Prada eyewear ads, and this creative for Calvin Klein's Platinum Label.
Calvin Klein Platinum Label eyewear billboard
And maybe not sunglasses, but Tom Ford obviously wants to captitalise on the eyewear trend with this latest offering standing out in the skies along Sunset Plaza.
Tom Ford eyewear Summer 2014 billboard
Meanwhile Guess had another giant-sized billboards this month, which is the last ad site you see along the Sunset Strip before you leave West Hollywood and enter Beverly Hills westbound, where there are generally no outdoor billboards.
Giant Guess Summer 2014 billboard Sunset Strip
Over by the Hollywood & Highland Center this month, British designer brand Burberry had a more causal look to appeal to a younger target market.
Burberry casual Summer 2014 billboard
And fashion brand Loft continued to showcase its relaxed looks for Summer.
Loft Summer 2014 fashion billboard
With a dedicated billboard to introduce their Riviera short collection, which come in lots of fun colourful prints.
Loft Riviera Short 2014 billboard
Rodeo Drive's Tory Burch was back in the skies of Sunset Strip with this symmetrical billboard design, which you seem to see a lot of in fashion advertising.
Tory Burch Summer 2014 billboard
And Lindsey Wixson was back beside the Chateau Marmont Hotel in the latest flirty billboard from the Give me Aldo ad campaign.
Give me Aldo Shoes billboard
Meanwhile online fashion retailer debuted this eye-catching creative to encourage you to keep shopping at home and get it delivered to your door.
Net-a-porter Summer 2014 billboard

Fragrance and beauty billboards
Keira Knightley Chanel Coco Mademoiselle fragrance billboard
In the world of fragrances, Chanel brought Keira Knightley to the skies of L.A. in a new ad for their designer Coco Mademoiselle scent.
Chanel Summer 2014 makeup billboard
And followed that billboard up with this cosmetics ad creative for its Summer makeup range, just in time for those sunny days at the beach.

As you can see there was lots of Summery style inspiration around the streets of L.A. this month, all competing for your attention against the latest drinks and lifestyle billboards, plus Summer movie blockbusters and new season TV shows.

Stay tuned for more visions in vinyl in the days to come...

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