Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Time to Let Go in Vancouver...

Aside from the scenery and great food, one of the many things I look forward to enjoying in Vancouver is abundance of outdoor public art the Canadian city has. We usually stay Downtown and I always like to check out the art space next to the Shangri-La Hotel, which is always filled with something interesting.

Time to Let Go art installation by Babak Golkar
Time to Let Go art installation Babak Golkar Vancouver
This time there's a new art installation along Georgia Street featuring terracotta vessels by Vancouver-based artist Babak Golkar entitled 'Time to Let Go...'.
Time to Let Go terracotta pots art installation Vancouver
Apparently the artist wanted to engage passersby and encourage them to liberate their frustrations by screaming into the large pots and releasing all that stored tension and emotion (which would be quite useful for all the car drivers quick to honk their horns whilst stuck in traffic).
Time to Let Go outdoor art Downtown Vancouver
The irreverent and immersive installation will reside in this Offsite location from April through to the end of September 2014, so there's plenty of time left if you feel the need to unburden yourself, or are having a particularly bad day at the office.
Time to Let Go outdoor art Downtown Vancouver
There's also something quite timely about the work given the recent box office success of Disney's animated feature film Frozen and its Oscar-winning song, 'Let It Go', which was all about the Snow Queen 'Elsa' being her true self, no longer caring what others think of her and giving release to all those pent up feelings.
Time to Let Go babak golkar
If you like this outdoor art, be sure to check out some of the other projects which have graced this space on my previous visits to the city, like this wooden Hand Vote sculpture, Damian Moppet's art installation and even the pile of rubble, entitled Calm, that was there this time last year.
Time to Let Go outdoor art exhibit Vancouver
It's interesting to see this display space has featured a variety of art disciplines, from this pottery, to working with wood and metal, and even concrete.
Time to Let Go outdoor art Downtown Vancouver
To be honest I could have done with one of these terracotta vessels to vent my frustration when I was running the 2014 Vancouver Marathon on Sunday, from about mile 21 onwards would have been the perfect time (especially when I failed to beat last year's time by only three minutes).

Time to Let Go, indeed...

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