Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whimsical matchstick moments at Runyon Canyon...

On Monday this week whilst the 'May Grey' weather conditions ahead of 'June Gloom' wasn't the most exciting way to start the week, my day was brightened by these giant matches dotted all over Runyon Canyon.

Having a matchstick moment at Runyon Canyon
Giant matchsticks Runyon Canyon
Driving up Laurel Canyon on my way to my morning walk with Cooper I first spotted several of these over-sized matchsticks when I joined Mulholland Drive, and even more appeared as we started our hike around the 3.5 mile trail.
Giant matchstick moments Runyon Canyon
Coming in varying sizes and adorned with the hashtag #moments, these glittery red-tipped giant matches were certainly getting attention and countless selfies from passersby, but what are they for?
Giant matchstick Runyon Canyon
L.A. and Runyon Canyon is no stranger to outdoor art installations, in fact a few years back this giant fake Oscar statue appeared at the top of the canyon, but what is the purpose of these mysterious matches?
Runyon Canyon matchstick
Aside from being a bit of whimsy, maybe they are to remind people of the dangers of wildfires, like the recent ones down in San Diego, and how stray matches and cigarettes in the canyon can start raging infernos, especially after the recent heatwave with temperatures in the 100°s.
Labrador giant matchstick Runyon Canyon
I may love this kind of public art, but our Labrador Cooper wasn't that impressed, but at least he didn't pick any up and chew it to death.
Giant matchstick Runyon Canyon
Today most of the matches had disappeared, but some were still on display in an arrangement at the Cloud's Rest spot at the top of Runyon Canyon.
Oversized matchstick moments Runyon Canyon
Whatever the reason for their presence, public service or outdoor art show, I'm sure there'll be lots of selfies with them on social media, and that's probably the whole point.

These giant matches certainly strike the right chord with my funny bone, so let's hope we'll not be seeing any giant wildfires near Hollywood anytime soon...

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