Thursday, July 3, 2014

Allstate's LGBT Safe in My Hands advertising is a welcome sight...

In a world of anti-gay organizations like Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A who donate millions of dollars to campaigns intended to discriminate against the LGBT community, it's nice to see an established big company like Allstate come out in support of gay men and women.

Allstate butterflies you feel should come from love not fear ad poster
For some, walking down the streets holding hands may seem like an everyday occurrence and just another normal public display of affection. Consider if you're gay and all your life if you've tried to do this you've been met with hatred, disgust and even violence.

The world has changed a lot since I was growing up and even though it's still not safe, even in the land of the free, to be openly gay in some states, I'm overjoyed that big businesses are moving in the right direction and showing their support for their LGBT customers and staff.
Some may quibble that Allstate, like Burger King and their new Proud Whopper burger, are cashing in on the 'pink pound' and doing what any company does to make more money.

Whatever their motivations, I for one would much rather see inclusive LGBT advertising and messages from these established companies than message of hate, fear and discrimination. These ads help promote awareness and understanding amongst the entire community and the only agenda they are promoting is that gay people want to be treated as equally and with as much respect as any straight person, or couple, when they go about their daily lives.Allstate Show you care without caring who knows it ad poster
I certainly feel safer walking the streets knowing that holding hands is no longer taboo, or something only straight couples are allowed to do without scorn or the threat of violence, although let's face it this is gay-friendly West Hollywood and people are still getting assaulted on the streets of cosmopolitan New York City.

There's still places, like Russia, where equality has taken a step decades into the past and advertising like this would be treated as gay propaganda. In places like Uganda you'd probably be killed or imprisoned for any display of gay affection and in Muslim countries with Sharia Law you'd probably be stoned to death for being openly gay.

This is progress, and in another five or ten years time hopefully we won't need separate advertising to make people understand we're all the same, but for now it's very welcome.

Watch the video too, I dare you not to be moved...

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