Monday, July 7, 2014

Dog showers are back at Hendry's Beach...

Today to extend the 4th of July holiday weekend we took an extra day off and headed up the coast to our favourite off-leash dog beach at Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara.

Cooper trying out the new dog showers at Hendry's Beach
Hendry's Beach pet wash
With everyone more or less back in work after the annual firework festivities the traffic was light and we got to the beach shortly after midday.
Surf Labrador Cooper Hendry's Beach
It's still unbelievable that we have to leave L.A. County with all its miles of sandy shoreline so that we can take our Labrador Cooper to the beach because state law doesn't allow dogs on beaches in L.A.
Labrador chasing tennis balls Hendry's Beach
Regardless we don't mind the drive as Cooper has such a ball and Hendry's Beach is a lovely place for a stroll to blow away the cobwebs and throw a tennis ball a couple hundred times.
Yellow Labrador Cooper Hendry's Beach
The weather has been so screwy of late and it was nice to escape steamy and humid L.A. for a cooler coastal climate, especially as our air conditioning had broken down just before the 4th of July, which has made for some hot and stuffy sleepless nights.
Scenic Hendry's Beach shoreline
Another advantage of this Santa Barbara beach is that it also has a newly reinstalled pet wash, after a bit of an absence, which is fantastic for getting all that sand and salt out of your dog's coat.
Labrador Cooper rolling in sand Hendry's Beach
Plus he can dry off with a little walk after the beach near Stearns Wharf, so we don't have too much of that wet dog smell around the apartment after our beach visit.
Labrador rolling in sand Hendry's Beach
And as you can see from these pictures, when he's not bouncing through the waves like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh after his tennis ball, he's rolling in the sand after getting salt water in his muzzle or ears.
Hendry's Beach dog shower
The new dog showers cost $10 for a 10 minute wash, with shampoo, conditioner and rinse options, plus a blow dryer (although Cooper is not a fan of this and prefers to be towel dried, which really means rubbing against my legs and generally shaking water all over me). The previous showers used tokens, but this pet wash takes credit card which is very convenient and I hope they last.
Tired Labrador car hammock
As you can see, after a good run along the shoreline and a cleansing bath, pup was more than ready to relax in his car hammock  for the journey home.

Until next time (when hopefully these dog showers will still be there)...

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