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Drinks and lifestyle billboards making the skies of L.A. more interesting in July 2014...

So far this month you've seen the fashion, film and TV billboards filling the skies of L.A. this July, and now it's the turn of the rest of the outdoor ads making the city skyline far more interesting than the mostly uninspiring architecture. Here's a selection of cool drinks, technology and other consumer lifestyle billboards brightening the city skyline this past month.

Campaign and activist billboards
Peanut Gallery billboard
First up is one of the clever visual ads used by the outdoor advertising company Van Wagner when they have unsold ad inventory to highlight the attention-grabbing benefits of using their billboard portfolio.
WTF? Where's the funding Humane Watch cat billboard
Meanwhile there's nothing like a grumpy cat meme to catch your eye (and I'm not especially a cat lover either, so thanks to a friend for notifying me of this billboard). This one is questioning where all of U.S. Humane Society's money is going to if only 1% goes to local animal shelters. WTF, indeed.
Miley Cyrus twerked off California minimum wage billboard
If a cute animal doesn't turn heads, then you can always resort to a notorious twerking celebrity like Miley Cyrus to champion your cause. To protest the increase in the minimum wage in California, the Employment Policies Institute (no doubt funded by conservative Washington D.C. lobbyists) are using the young pop singer in the fear-mongering billboard that claims teenage jobs will be lost. But at the end of the day if the minimum wage is raised doesn't that mean that teens, and other low income workers, will be paid more? Sounds like it's time for the rich fat cats to give the other 99% a fair wage.
Your GED diploma billboard
Speaking of famous faces, actor and former pro-American Football player Terry Crews, The Sopranos actress Jamie Lynn Sigler and pro-wrestler The Miz, all feature on this billboard targeting the Hispanic and Latino communities to complete their high school education with a General Education Development test.

Drinks billboards
Blue Moon Artfully crafted 100% California oranges billboard
In the world of alcohol advertising there've been lots of drinks offering liquid refreshment this hot and humid Summer in L.A. First up is Blue Moon beer with this artful ad trying to sway Californians with its use of local oranges in the brewing process.
Coors Light Feel the rush of refreshment billboard
Next Coors Light continues to offer that cool rush of refreshment with this icy Rockies mountain range ad creative.

And if you like this design, you must check out this 3D Coors Light mountain climber billboard installation which has been causing a real spectacle all Summer.
Happy hour is 23 hours too short Kona Brewing billboard
I may not be a beer drinker, but I really can appreciate this sentiment behind this Kona Brewing billboard, as I also think 'happy hour is 23 hours too short' and really fits with their laid-back Hawaiian philosophy.
Don Julio Some play the game others change it billboard
Another clever ad this month was from Don Julio Tequila, making the most of the Football (Soccer) World Cup with its game-playing play on words.
Patron perfection on ice Congratulations LA billboard
Whilst also with a sporting theme, Patron Tequila used its regular billboard location to congratulate the L.A. Kings ice-hockey team for winning the Stanley Cup this year. Perfection on ice, indeed.
Sunset Swings Tanqueray Gin billboard
Tanqueray Gin helped keep the Sunset Strip swinging with this new billboard (and I have to say sometimes, there's nothing quite like a refreshing gin and tonic, he says typing this as he sips one).
Starbucks Fizzio Soda billboard
Meanwhile in the realm of soft beverages, Starbucks is trying to satisfy your cravings for something bubbly and refreshing this Summer with its new handmade Fizzio sodas (which sound s a lot like a SodaStream to me, so I think I'll pass).
Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Keep cool Summer on billboard
And The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has amped up its advertising this months to make sure that Starbucks isn't the only coffee chain with something to cool customers this Summer.
Giant Sparkling Ice water billboard
And if expensive sodas and ice-blended drinks don't do it for you, then there's always a designer water drink like Sparkling Ice water, which now comes in a vibrant orange and mango variant.
Zico Coconut Water Jessica Alba billboard
And speaking of water, this time from coconuts, and Zico continues to offer a healthier alternative to sodas to beat dehydration withe the help of Jessica Alba, just don't forget about the calories when you're gulping it down though.
Red Bull Choose your wings Choose your music billboard
If health isn't really a concern to you and it's more about instant energy, then Red Bull has three new variants to keep you going when you party at the clubs or music concerts.

Technology billboards
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet billboard
In the world of gadgets, apps and phones, it looks like Microsoft have finally got their billboard advertising right for their Surface Pro 3 tablet (and about time too). The new ads look stylish and desirable compared to the ad campaigns for the first two generation Surface tablets.
Yellow Pages book a table special extension billboard
Meanwhile this month more billboards from Yellow Pages new ad campaign were popping up along the Sunset Strip, trying to position themselves as an online and smartphone app presence and distance themselves from the old massive phonebook mentality.
From now on thermostat Nest billboard
And Nest is using its outdoor ads to help redefine what a thermostat is (it certainly looks more stylish than ours).
Giant T-Mobile Contract Freedom billboard
T-Mobile went super-sized in Koreatown this month to proclaim its new contract freedom offering, meaning customers won't be tied to an annual mobile phone service provider amongst other great benefits like no data-roaming charges in many countries.

Health and charity billboards
Friends with benefits HIV test billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation proved they were friends with benefits this month continuing to offer free HIV tests to those in need.
1 in 3 black gay men are infected with HIV billboard
Plus educating the black community about some of the realities of HIV/AIDS and encouraging parents to get involved.
California flag bear Syphilis AHF billboard
The health organisation also regularly uses humour to get its safe sex message across like this shamed grizzly bear in this California state flag parody. If you like these ads, then be sure to also check out these other fun AHF safe sex billboards.

Autos billboards
Porsche Panamera backseat drivers speechless billboard
Porsche was speeding back into the skies with this sporty billboard for The Panamera.
Deja New MINI billboard
Whilst on a more affordable scale, this 'Deja new' billboard heralded the return of the new MINI ad campaign to the skies of L.A.

Travel and tourism billboards
Winging it Butterfly Pavilion NHM billboard
With the kids off school and Summer vacations looming for many people there were more than a few travel and tourism billboards filling the skies in July, including this vibrant butterfly creative for the new butterfly pavilion at the Natural History Museum.
Blue Man Group best decision you'll make in Vegas billboard
If you're looking to enjoy a different kind of wild life, then the Blue Man Group was enticing you to take in their Las Vegas show (in between all the drinking and gambling).
Kobe Bryant Turkish Airlines billboard
And if you were looking to travel further afield, Turkish Airlines was back in the city skies with their brand ambassador Kobe Bryant.

Video game billboards
Batman Arkham Knight video game billboard
I don't often venture downtown much unless I have to these days, but when I did I found this smattering of video game billboards across from L.A. Live, including this Batman: Arkham Night ad and another for Mortal Kombat X.
Mortal Kombat X video game billboard
As you can see it's been a crowded skyline these past few weeks and if you missed them, be sure to check out July's movie billboards, TV show billboards and stylish fashion billboards.

Come back next month to see how the ever-changing outdoor ad landscape has changed and until then, keep your eyes to the skies...

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