Saturday, August 30, 2014

New TV show billboards lining L.A.'s skyline in August 2014...

Aside from all the movie, fashion and lifestyle billboards filling the skies of L.A. in August, there have been more than a few television show billboards vying for your attention this month, just before we get into the real craziness of the new Fall TV season.

TV billboards
Giant Sean Bean Legends billboard
TNT really amped up its Summer offering this year with new shows like The Last Ship and returning favourites like Falling Skies, but one of its high-profile new series starred Sean Bean in Legends, based on the Robert Littell spy novels.

Be sure to check out all the outdoor ad support they gave the show, including this other giant Legends series premiere billboard on the eastbound side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.
Giant The Kilt Drops Outlander teaser billboard
Giant Outlander series premiere billboard
Another show which debuted to much fanfare was Starz new series Outlander, adapted from Diana Gabaldon's best-selling book series. Apparently it broke records for online viewing of the premiere episode before it had aired and was also supported by some major marketing, including this fun 'The Kilt Drops' teaser ad campaign and more billboards for Outlander.
Giant Hot in Cleveland 100th episode billboard
As well as new viewing options, there were also established favourites like Hot in Cleveland marking 100 episodes of the sitcom with national treasure Betty White gracing the city skyline. Now in its fifth season, it's already renewed for a sixth on TV Land.
Orange is the New Black Emmy 2014 billboard
This month it was TV's version of the Oscars with everyone wondering who would win big at the 66th Primetime Emmys.
House of Cards Drama Emmy 2014 billboard
Whilst relative newcomer Netflix spent even more on Emmy Consideration outdoor ads to convince voters their shows should win, they were mostly snubbed on the night in favour of shows like Breaking Bad and Sherlock.
Seth Meyers Emmys 2014 billboard
Seth Meyers was on hosting duties for the awards ceremony and he wasn't bad, but compared to the gravitas of the Academy Awards and the intimacy of the Golden Globes, it felt a little flat.
Giant Boardwalk Empire final season 5 billboard
Breaking Bad must have been happy to win so many awards now that it's off the air and no longer eligible for Emmy awards and there are a few more fan favourites coming to an end this season, like period gangster show Boardwalk Empire returning for a fifth and final season.
Sons of Anarchy final season 7 billboard
Meanwhile another TV series coming to an end with its seventh season is FX's biker drama and this month I really loved the dramatic billboards for Sons of Anarchy final season.
The Killing season 4 billboard
After much going and froing, cancellations and network moves, The Killing is also coming to a close with a fourth and final season for the murder drama.
The Flash CW series premiere billboard
Whilst some series were ending, more fresh new offerings are on the way, like The CW's Arrow spin-off, The Flash, featuring DC Comics superhero speedster.
Intruders series premiere billboard
Plus BBC America was bringing the spooky to the skies for its new supernatural drama, Intruders, based on the 2007 book by Michael Marshall Smith, about immortals who jump from body to body to live forever.
The League season 6 unicorn billboard
Meanwhile in the world of a different kind of fantasy, fantasy football that is, The League was back for a sixth comedic season with this fun unicorn ad creative which really caught my eye.
Mysteries of Laura series premiere billboard
Speaking of comedy and Debra Messing from one of my favourite all-time sitcoms, Will & Grace, is back on TV screens this Fall in her new cop series, The Mysteries of Laura. She joins her former co-star, Eric McCormack, who is also crime-solving these days in the TNT show Perception.
Madam Secretary series premiere billboard
In another new political drama this season, Tea Leoni stars as Madam Secretary, no doubt inspired by the likes of Hillary Clinton as the U.S. Secretary of State.
Project Runway season 13 billboard
From serious things like homicides and international politics, to one of my guilty pleasures, as Project Runway returns for a thirteenth season. I do adore Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, but the reality fashion design competition is started to show signs of wear and tear with its D-List sponsors this year.
Wahlburgers season 2 billboard
In other reality news and the Wahlberg family are back for a sophomore season of Wahlburgers,  dressed in Boston Celtics green.
4th and Loud series premiere billboard
With sports in mind, those rockers from KISS have their own L.A. American Football arena team these days and this month their new reality series debuted on AMC in 4th and Loud.
Epic Ink series premiere billboard
Meanwhile on A&E a new reality series where tattoo artistry and science fiction geekdom was arriving for its first season.
Seven Deadly Sins series premiere billboard
Plus on Showtime the devilish Morgan Spurlock was investigating a modern take on the 7 Deadly Sins in a new documentary series.
Black Jesus series premiere billboard
This past month I was surprised that Adult Swim didn't get more negative feedback for its live-action Black Jesus comedy series, as it was certainly courting controversy with religious folks with this concept.
The Awesomes season 2 Hulu billboard
Speaking of comedy and over on Hulu, The Awesomes were back for a second season with this fun, bright ad creative, trying hard but not always succeeding at being superheroes.
The Meltdown stand up Hangout billboard
Comedy Central's The Meltdown was flipping stand-up on its head to attract passersby this month.
Ellen season 12 Have a little fun today billboard
And funny lady Ellen Degeneres was back for a twelfth season of dancing in the aisles and celebrity interviews on her daytime talk-show. Her 'have a little fun today' tagline is certainly a slogan to live by.

If you liked this outdoor advertising round-up, be sure to also check out these cool movie billboards, stylish fashion billboards and this eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards also gracing the city skyline this month.

Get ready for an even bigger month for TV in September...

Friday, August 29, 2014

New season fashion billboards filling L.A.'s sky's in August 2014...

In the September issues of fashion magazines, especially Vogue, are the most important issues of the year in the fashion world and go on sale in August. This month there's certainly been an onslaught of stylish Fall 2014 season fashion billboards filling the city skyline (even though the temperatures are soaring in Southern California and there's still plenty of time for Summer looks).

Fashion billboards
Cole Haan horse FW 2014 billboard
In my mind when it comes to fashion advertising just showing clothes is not enough, it's nice when there's a story or interesting visual to engage passersby, like this atmospheric black and white Cole Haan horse rider ad creative.
Prada FW 2014 handbag billboard
This month Prada has switched things up to focus on their latest handbag offering and the burst of colour helps it stand out from the rather bleak setting.
Tom Ford is also focusing on accessories this month with another eyewear ad with features not only female model Gigi Hadid, but also Arnold Schwarzenegger's less muscular model son, Patrick, who you can also see in this Hudson Jeans billboard from 2011.
Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 2014 billboard
One of the most arresting fashion ads this month has to be for the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, which can be found over his flagship Melrose Avenue store. The vibrant redhead and rich combo billboard features Vivian, one of the real-life model winners in the social media competition #CastMeMarc.
In with the new Banana Republic billboard
Banana Republic was another fashion retailer this month debuting its new Fall lines, as it was in with the new for a fresh season at work and play.
Banana Republic Fall 2014 billboard
Plus their new Fall brand advertising continued to feature real life model couples, like those from Banana Republic's True Outfitters Spring 2014 outdoor ad campaign.
Tommy Hilfiger FW 2014 billboard
And Tommy Hilfiger was breaking out the hats and sweaters to look ski chic in this Alpine set billboard.
Burton Outdoors for all seasons billboard
Whilst Burton was also getting ready for the outdoors for all seasons (although looking at those heavy coats and winter hats when it's in the the 90°s outside is making me sweat).
Very Perry Ellis FW 2014 billboard
Male model Mikus Lasmanis was pulling double duty in this stylish Very Perry Ellis Fall billboard, all wrapped up for cooler climes.
Kenneth Cole Look good For Good billboard
This Fall Kenneth Cole will partner with the Take Part website to help to promote the philosophy of style with purpose, raising awareness and supporting charitable projects for Haiti, helping combat homelessness for low income families and veterans, plus supporting documentaries for positive change.
AG Jeans FW 2014 fashion billboard
Meanwhile Daria Werbowy was helping AG Adriano Goldschmied debut their new Fall/Winter jeans collection in the skies of L.A.
Joe's Jeans bare back billboard
And whereas most fashion brands were wrapping up for Autumn, some like Joe's Jeans were stripping off or baring backs at least, for their latest denim looks.
Hale Bob Summer 2014 billboard
One brand that still had the spirit of Summer was Hale Bob, to show off their latest dress and handbag accessories.
Kate Upton Sam Edelman shoes FW14 billboard
Sam Edelman was bringing the sexy back to their designer footwear outdoor ads with Kate Upton in bed in her heels, although it's certainly not as racy as the nearly naked Sam Edelman shoe billboards from 2010.
Aldo Perfect pair Adwoa Aboah FW 2014 billboard
Meanwhile on the more affordable footwear scale Aldo Shoes were debuting their new ad campaign featuring Adwoa Aboah.
Lift It Up Rounderwear billboard
Even though most brands were covering up for Fall, these underwear brands, like Rounderwear were jumping for joy that it was still hot and things were still pert in Summer.
2(X)ist Andre Ziehe trunks billboard
And Rounderwear wasn't the only brand lifting spirits in West Hollywood, as the perfectly proportioned Andre Ziehe was back in trunks for another 2(X)ist underwear billboard.
Calvin Klein Lara Stone perfect fit billboard
Plus Calvin Klein was proving there was something for every palate, with this latest perfect fit underwear billboard featuring Lara Stone.
Wildfox Fit for a queen billboard
Vintage-inspired fashion brand Wildfox seemed to be drawing its inspiration from the French Madame de Pompadour with a hint of Japanese harajuku girl.
Naked Princess lingerie billboard
Plus Naked Princess was showing off its luxury lingerie, and not too much flesh, nearby.
Le Jolie fashion website billboard
Meanwhile fashion website Le Jolie, the online boutique, was making designer style accessible to all with its flex-pay purchase option, so you can buy yourself some pretty now and pay later.
Ringo Starr John Varvatos Peace Rocks billboard
The fashion and music industries have long gone hand in hand, and John Varvatos is certainly one designer who has a strong connection with rock icons, from this latest ad featuring The Beatles Ringo Starr, to billboards featuring rock bands like KISS.
Rolling Stones Zenith watch billboard
And speaking of rock legends, The Rolling Stones were rocking the Sunset Strip this month for Zenith Swiss timepieces, the perfect fashion accessory.
Omega boutique le ville butterfly billboard
Plus Omega was another watch brand advertising along Sunset Boulevard this month, with this slightly more feminine butterfly-themed billboard.
Puma Forever Faster Usain Bolt billboard
Finally, I've leave you with one of my favourite billboards of the month, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt looks dynamic in this bold Puma sportswear ad creative gracing L.A.'s skyline.

As you can see it's been a busy month for the fashion industry and I'm sure September will see more stylish Fall/Winter ads take to the skies.

For a bit of fun, why not check out what retailers and designers were advertising in their Fall fashion billboards from last year and stay tuned for this August's deluge of new TV show outdoor ads competing for your attention.

Keep it chic people...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Standing on a desk tribute to Robin Williams along the Sunset Strip...

One of the great things about living in Hollywoodland is that you get a sense of being so close to all the stars and actors that have had such an impact on this crazy town. To pay homage to comedy legend Robin Williams following his untimely death, this assortment of desks could be found this morning at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights Boulevard (just across from Hollywood's Laugh Factory comedy club where the comedian entertained and inspired so many people).

Robin Williams tribute along the Sunset Strip
Robin Williams standing on desk tribute Sunset Strip
To remember his life and thank the comedy genius, many people have taken to posting pictures on Instagram and other social media as a tribute to his role in 1989's Dead Poets Society where he encouraged his students to stand on the desks and look at life from a different perspective.
Thank You Robin Williams tribute Sunset Strip
Following Billy Crystal's touching and emotional speech at the Emmys on Monday night, this morning there were three guys braving the L.A. heat to pay their respects to the iconic stand-up comedian.
Giant Robin Williams The Crazy Ones billboard Sunset Strip
One of the things that irked me when Robin William's death was reported on August 11, 2014, and that was how much news and entertainment shows wanted to spin the sad events to make it a ratings winner and it overshadowed the contribution he'd made to film, television and comedy.
Thank You Robin Williams desk tribute Sunset Strip
They focused too much on his death and how he'd died, wanting to examine all the gory details and make some news bites, rather than acknowledging his comedy and acting legacy.
I for one remember growing up and seeing episodes of Mork & Mindy and thinking 'Mork' was the funniest, craziest person. Plus of two of my favourite films, one features his amazing vocal talent as the 'Genie' in Disney's 1992 animated movie Aladdin and the other is the feel good Mrs. Doubtfire.
Robin Williams Weapons Self Destruction billboard Sunset Strip
Yes, I know he was as a stand-up genius and there were many other outstanding films like Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, The Birdcage, Good Will Hunting and so many more, but they are the ones that left a real impression with me of him being able to make people (and me) laugh.
Thank You Robin Williams homage Sunset Strip
Anyway, I thought this was a fun and touching tribute to the man and a great way to celebrate his life.

R.I.P. Robin Williams, and remember "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it"...