Monday, August 25, 2014

Cool drinks and lifestyle billboards gracing the skies of L.A. in August 2014...

There's never a dull moment in the skies of L.A. and this August certainly hasn't been any different with an eclectic mix of drinks, travel, technology and other lifestyle billboards making the skyline more interesting.

Drinks billboards
Giant Jennifer Aniston Smartwater Look Up billboard
First Jessica Alba was super-sized for Zico Coconut Water and now Jennifer Aniston has gone giant-sized for Smartwater and is towering over the Sunset Strip (which is no surprise as both beverage brands are owned by mega-corporation Coca-Cola). 
138 Water Abigail Ratchford billboard
Now that was one way to market bottled water and here's another from 138 Water. Instead of Hollywood celebrities they use scantily-clad bikini models to catch your attention and buy their over-priced water.
DJ Colleen Shannon 138 water billboard
If you like these two examples, be sure to also check out these other 138 Water billboards from months past.
Belly fat or Juice billboard
And whilst one drinks brand is objectifying the female form, this Juice brand is reminding everyone of the realties of life, with this 'muffin top' (for anyone who's seen Eat Pray Love). However not everyone has a model's body, it's natural for people to come in many shapes and sizes and only in L.A. do you have to feel the obligation to juice yourself to death.
Carpe Diem Coffee Bean ice blended billboard
If juice is not your thing then you can always keep cool this Summer with an ice-blended drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - although I've found recently that not all franchises of this coffee shop chain are made equal.
Coors Golden Beer Protect our west Wildland firefighters billboard
In the world of alcohol, Coors Golden Beer was using wildland firefighters to project a rugged image for its beer brand.
Roca Patron Tequila Superiority Complex billboard
This month Patrón Tequila was introducing its more complex, higher end artisan variant, Roca Patrón.
Herradura sip grade tequilas billboard
Whilst Herradura was also advertising its sipping grade tequila in the skies along Sunset Strip. It's always interesting to see two different brands approach to selling similar products.
Cheat on Vodka Veev billboard
And Veev was trying to tempt everyone to cheat on their favourite vodka brands and convince people that its clear spirit is better than vodka.

Finance billboards
Flex banking muscles Venice beach Citi app billboard
In the world of banking it was nice to see that Citi had a local approach to its advertising with these tailored billboards, with ads featuring the likes of L.A. hotspots, Venice Beach and Runyon Canyon.
Citi mobile app billboards

Travel billboards
corner view every room Aria Vegas billboard
This month Las Vegas was trying to attract visitors to its many hotel resorts and casinos, although aside from famous DJs the majority of billboards often feature beautiful women.
Nikki Beach Cabo San Lucas bikini model billboard
Nikki Beach is a famous club resort in Vegas and it looks like its spreading its influence to Los Cabos in Mexico using the same kind of bikini babe advertising.

Health billboards
God love me HIV+ man billboard
In the world of health, these outdoor ads from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation help shine a light on the stigma that still surrounds the disease because of lack of education and general ignorance of the facts.
God love me HIV+ woman billboard
Those HIV positive are not sinners and God loves everyone, sick and all. Maybe some compassion, understanding and help are needed rather than judgement and intolerance.

Technology billboards
Samsung Curved UHD TV billboard installation
I always love special billboards when they pop up around town and this month Samsung provided some interest in the skies with this cool curved TV billboard installation, which is such a simple idea, but has great stand out.
Apple iPhone 5c billboard
Plus Apple continued to dominate the city skyline for its iPhone 5c smartphone with these giant billboards on the sides of Sunset Vine Tower.

As you can see there were lots of creative ads lining the city streets this month, but that's just for starters. Stay tuned in the days to come for August's best TV, movie, music and fashion billboards...

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