Tuesday, August 12, 2014

West Hollywood's playful new sculptures - just the bear necessities...

I've said it before, but I'll never grow tired of saying how much I love the ever-changing variety of outdoor public art that West Hollywood plays host to every year, like one of its newest arrivals, The Game, featuring some bronze bears and kids having a lark.

The Game sculpture by Wang DeLong
The Game bear sculptures Wang DeLong West Hollywood
The playful new installation can be found near the swimming pool entrance at West Hollywood Park along San Vicente Boulevard (opposite the Pacific Design Center) and takes the place of the whimsical one-eyed wigwam and assorted sculptures that made up the temporary Temple of Folly sculptural outdoor exhibit that debuted last Spring.
West Hollywood is certainly no stranger to bears of the gay variety, but this latest collection of bronze pieces by the Chinese artist look like the Charmin bears from the bathroom tissue commercial having fun playing hide and seek with three small children.

Cooper inspects the new bear sculptures
The Game bear sculpture West Hollywood
Labrador admires The Game bear sculpture West Hollywood
Obviously being a new addition to the neighbourhood, our Labrador Cooper couldn't resist checking out the playful bears on his morning stroll through the park, just to make sure they met his high artistic standards of course.
Game bear bronze sculpture West Hollywood Park
The Game bear and children sculpture West Hollywood Park
The Game bear bronze sculpture West Hollywood Park
It's nice to see some fun new sculptures fill this space, especially since Cosmo Cavallaro's colourful Jelly Beans are no longer in the park either (although no matter how many signs there were people still climbed all over them all day and night, so let's hope people respect these pieces a bit more).
The Game sculpture West Hollywood Park
I also sense that these bears will make for some fun selfies, so expect these sculptures to be hashtaged to death soon all over social media.
The Game bear children bronze sculpture WEHO Park
For now I'll just let you appreciate the art in all it's glory before too many little children put their greasy little paws all over them.

If you like these, you may also want to check out West Hollywood Library's Doggie Dog bronze sculpture which arrived in the neighbourhood at the end of 2013.

Yes, this kind of outdoor art is always welcome and certainly put a smile on my face...

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