Monday, September 29, 2014

An onslaught of new season TV billboards fill the L.A. skies in September 2014...

The new Fall TV line-up hit the skies of L.A. hard this month, with not just returning favourites, but a whole batch of brand new shows, most of which are doomed to failure is history is anything to go by. With all these billboards, this time of year must be a real boost for the outdoor advertising industry and it's not bad for fans of TV either.

TV billboards
How to Get Away With Murder series premiere billboard
One of the most eye-catching ads for the debuting shows was this striking red, black and white creative for Shonda Rhimes new law drama starring Viola Davis, How To Get Away With Murder.
Giant Scorpion series premiere billboard
Over on CBS they are hoping that their think tank of super-geniuses would attract viewers in Scorpion, which has the coolest name and this giant-sized billboard on the side of the Mondrian Hotel to kick things off.
Giant Survivor's Remorse gold foil billboard
Speaking of super-sized ads and Starz was one of the only channels to do something unconventional with their ad for their new comedy Survivor's Remorse, which had these shiny gold foil basketball shoes and logo embellishments to help catch your eye.
The Flash series premiere billboard
Comic books are still providing inspiration for TV as well as on the big screen as The CW's Arrow gets a spin-off with a new incarnation of The Flash, although it's not the first time DC Comics scarlet speedster has had his own series. I really enjoyed the 90's series with John Wesley Shipp, so I hope this one with Grant Gustin as 'Barry Allen' has the same spark.
Gotham series premiere billboard
Another DC Comics inspired show is Gotham, a Batman prequel show, following a younger 'Commissioner Gordon' as a rookie detective in a corrupt Gotham City. I thought the pilot showed promise, but I think it could also very quickly become just another police procedural show if they don't up the fantastical elements.
Gracepoint series premiere billboard
The highly-acclaimed British drama series Broadchurch as the death of a young boy in a sleepy seaside town gets a remake on Fox with Gracepoint. With a new name and two extra episodes the series sees David Tennant reprise his role as the experienced detective assigned to the case, with Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn as the local cop who helps him solve the murder case where everyone is a suspect.
Dead Again series premiere billboard
Over on A&E their new crime series Dead Again will reopen closed homicide cases for investigation by a crack team of experts and I like how this series premiere billboard flips the text upside-down to mess with our perspective, it's simple but effective.
NCIS: New Orleans series premiere billboard
If a L.A. spin-off wasn't enough already, NCIS welcomes another sibling series with Quantum Leap's Scott Bakula in charge of NCIS: New Orleans.
Stalker series premiere billboard
And the new crime dramas keep coming with the new Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q show, Stalker, about all those creepy folks with unhealthy obsessions about other people. It'll be interesting to see whether this show has scope beyond its 'stalker' premise as it could become a bit repetitive after a while.
Red Band Society series premiere billboard
Over on Fox they are serving up a dash of Glee teen relationships and mixing in the medical drama with Red Band Society, which stars Octavia Spencer as a no-nonsense, but caring nurse in charge of a pediatrics ward.
Transparent series premiere Amazon billboard
With new original content providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, there's even more chance for more diverse programming like the new dramedy, Transparent, starring Jeffrey Tambor as a transgender parent coming out to his grown up L.A. family.
Black-ish series premiere billboard
As you can se there are lots of new dramas to choose from this Fall season and there are just as many new sitcoms and dramedies, although ABC's Black-ish undoubtedly has the worst name for a show this season.
Bad Judge series premiere billboard
We've not really seen much of her since she left Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, but Kate Walsh is back to helm another show and this time she's a Bad Judge, not a surgeon. A party animal by night and a law-dealing judge by day seems a bit of a stretch for a series though.
Selfie series premiere billboard
Meanwhile Selfie is a modern day update of My Fair Lady, with John Cho's marketing consultant helping a social media addicted Karen Gillan with a new image. This may have been an interesting movie premise, but I think they'll struggle with it as a series.
Marry Me series premiere billboard
Marry Me stars Casey Wilson and Ken Marino as a couple who experienced a botched marriage proposal and so are waiting for when the time is right to pop the question again.
A to Z series premiere billboard
Whilst A to Z is another NBC relationship sitcom, which follows Ben Feldman's 'Andrew' and Cristin Miloti's 'Zelda' from them getting together to their eventual break-up. Sounds like it's doomed from the beginning.
Mulaney series premiere billboard
Probably one of the dullest billboards for a new sitcom this month was for Mulaney, which stars stand-up comic John Mulaney. His life may be a joke, but this creative isn't funny at all and doesn't really tell you anything about the series, just like its title.
Tim Eric Bedtime Stories series premiere billboard
Bringing the freaky eyes to comedy this Fall is Adult Swim's new series, Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, which is a parody of many horror anthology series with the comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.
Deliverance Creek TV movie billboard
Over on Lifetime, Deliverance Creek was an original TV movie from the mind of Nicholas Sparks, starring Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose as a widowed mother during the Civil War out to protect her family from the corrupt bank that runs her town. This was thought to be a backdoor pilot for a possible future series if successful.
Houdini History mini-series billboard
This Labor Day Adrien Brody did his best escapologist impression as infamous illusionist and performer 'Harry Houdini' in History's mini-series event.
BoJack Horseman series premiere Netflix billboard
BoJack Horseman sounds and looks like the weirdest bit of animation on TV at the moment and it stars a washed up horse actor (voiced by Will Arnett) whose career peaked too soon and now sits in his plush Hollywood pad complaining about everything. Sounds surreal.
Utopia series premiere billboard
In the world of reality television, Utopia follows a group of individuals who quit their everyday lives to start their own civilization and live together isolated from humanity for a full year (aside from the camera crew of course).
Matador series premiere billboard
And finally I really lied the vibrant colour of this wall mural for El Rey Network's Matador, which stars Gabriel Luna as 'Tony Bravo', a DEA Agent who goes undercover at a professional soccer team to find out if the club's owner is corrupt.

And there you have it, not all, but a big majority of the new shows hoping to capture an audience and secure more episode orders, maybe even a full season, and definitely trying to avoid cancellation (although I think I can guess the freshman shows which will fall first).

Be sure to also check out this Fall season's returning TV show billboards and check out Daily Billboard for all the latest series coming to a small screen near you soon.

What will you be watching this Fall...?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Returning TV favourite billboards around L.A. in September 2014...

As there were so many TV show billboards filling the city skyline this month for the new Fall season line-up I've had to split them into two camps, returning shows and debuting series. Today it's the turn of the returning favourites and there are more than enough of them to satisfy your craving for billboard advertising ideas.

TV billboards
Blacklist season 2 Red Reddington magazine billboard
First up is the darling of NBC's new shows from last year, The Blacklist. To create some excitement for the return of 'Raymond "Red" Reddington' for the series sophomore season this outdoor ad campaign featuring the enigmatic 'Concierge of Crime' on iconic customised magazine covers could be seen on billboards and bus shelter posters all over L.A. this month.

These three examples are tailored Rolling Stone, GQ and Wired magazine covers, but to see even more billboards and posters for season two of The Blacklist be sure to visit my Daily Billboard blog.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 billboard
Another show I was looking forward to this Fall was the returning Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., back for its second season. Following the uprising of HYDRA last season and the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie anything is now possible with this show and I'm glad to say that svn though the numbers were down I really enjoyed the first episode with 'Crusher Creel - The Absorbing Man', the back-to-basics spy team approach and even the surprising twists.

This season two billboard features newly promoted 'Director Coulson' writing that weird alien schematic from the end of season one, which still remains a mystery, but which I'm sure will begin to unravel this reason.
The Walking Dead season 5 billboard
The Walking Dead return for their fifth season this Fall and this 'Hunt or be hunted' tagline really got me excited for the zombie apocalypse show. It's my favourite drama on TV and it'll be nice to see 'Rick Grimes' and his plucky band of survivors be more proactive this season as they've been on the run and on the defensive for far too long.
American Horror Story Freak Show billboard
FX's horror anthology series, American Horror Story returns for a fourth and I believe final season with Freak Show and this creepy clown mouth creative. The joy of this format is that they can touch on so many different horror and fantasy genres, plus keep things fresh for the all-star ensemble cast each time.

Carnivals and circuses are not amongst my favourite genres, a bit like Westerns and pirate-themes, so AHS: Freak Show is going to go the extra mile to grab my attention, especially after the excellent Coven last season.
Homeland season 4 billboard
Showtime's Homeland returns for a fourth season and following the death of 'Brody' last season hopefully there'll be a chance to provide fresh ideas and storylines for 'Carrie Mathison' and her CIA compatriots (although she'll still have a baby and her bipolar condition to contend with, oh and terrorists I'm sure).
Chicago PD season 2 billboard
More show's returning this season include Chicago Fire for a third season and its police spin-off, Chicago P.D., for a second installment of episodes set in the Windy City.
Chicago Fire season 3 billboard
In the world of reality TV, The Voice returns for an incredible seventh season with new additions Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani on board as new mentors to guide the hopeful singing contestants and further their own careers.
The Voice season 7 billboard
Also back on the small screen is History's hit series, Pawn Stars, about the Las Vegas based Gold & Silver Pawn Shop family business.
Pawn Stars season 9 billboard
In the world of comedy, political commentator Bill Maher was back for a twelfth season of news and current affairs satire in Real Time with Bill Maher, plus the double-whammy of a stand-up special on the same night.
Real Time Bill Maher tightrope billboard
Whilst Bill Maher was in Washington D.C., on Comedy Central Adam Devine was taking his stand-up House Party to New Orleans for a second season.
Adam Devines House Party New Orleans season 2 billboard
Meanwhile Brickleberry was back for a third season of inappropriate animated humour on Comedy Central.
Brickleberry season 3 billboard
And speaking of animation, this cheeky billboard heralded the arrival of the eleventh season of American Dad on TBS.
American Dad season 11 TBS billboard
In the world of daytime television and Ellen Degeneres was back in a big way with this giant-sized billboard along the Sunset Strip for season twelve of her talkshow.
Giant Ellen season 12 billboard Sunset Strip
Plus Dr. Phil was back for a thirteenth season of getting people to talk about their personal lives and problems in front of millions. Because apparently no one else will listen.
Dr Phil season 13 billboard
As you can see there's more than enough comedies, dramas, cartoons and chat shows coming back this Fall, but that's nothing compared to all the new shows battling it out to find an audience before they get cancelled.

If you enjoyed this collection of outdoor ads why not check out last year's returning TV show billboards, and while you're at it, be sure to stay tuned for the onslaught of billboards for Fall 2014's freshman shows...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Movie and music billboards gracing L.A.'s skyline in September 2014...

Now that the fluff of the popcorn Summer blockbusters are over, you know it won't be long before studios are bringing their 'A' game with all the movies they think are great Oscar contenders. Until then enjoy this selection of movie and music billboard advertising spied around the streets of L.A. this past month.

Movie billboards
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I propaganda teaser billboard
If you can't wait for the next installment in The Hunger Games movie franchise, Mockingjay Part I, then you'll love this propaganda teaser billboard for District 12, the mining district of the imaginary world of Panem.
Walk Among the Tombstones movie billboard
Liam Neeson seems to be pumping out the movies these days and after Non-Stop earlier this year is back with an adaptation of Lawrence Block's mystery novel, A Walk Among the Tombstones, in which he plays a former NYPD cop turned private investigator.
The Equalizer movie billboard
Here's another billboard for Denzel Washington's remake of the 80's TV show which starred Edward Woodward as The Equalizer, although it's interesting it has a similar black, white and red colour palette to Liam Neeson's film.
Good Girl movie billboard
One film I'm looking forward to is Gone Girl, which may be one of those Oscar-worthy films I was talking about. Ben Affleck stars as a husband who reports his wife missing, then comes under scrutiny as he may actually be her killer, in this adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel thriller.
The Judge movie billboard
It also looks like Robert Downey Jr. is taking a break from his lighter comedic roles and super heroic fare with this more serious drama, The Judge, which finds him defending his father in a court of law when he is accused on murder.
The Boxtrolls movie billboard
LAIKA bring us another stop-motion animated feature this September following on from Coraline and ParaNorman, with The Boxtrolls. I have to say the story about a boy raised by cave-dwelling, trash-stealing creatures sounds interesting, but I'm really not a big fan of the gold and purple color combination on this ad creative.
Mission Blue Netflix documentary billboard
Streaming superstar Netflix seems to be carving a niche for itself in the world of documentaries with films like Mission Blue about the plight of the world's oceans.
Print The Legend documentary movie billboard
Plus a new movie about the groundbreaking 3D printing industry, with Print The Legend.

Music billboards
Giant Beyonce Jay Z On the Run concert billboard
In the world of music, BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z changed sides of the 9000 Sunset Boulevard building, going from being super-sized westbound to being giant-sized eastbound. Be sure to check out their previous On the Run tour concert billboard from last month to see the difference.
Maroon 5 V music album billboard
Meanwhile Maroon 5 were back in the skies of L.A. this month for their new album, V, as in five.
Interpol El Pintor hands billboard
And one of the more intriguing billboards this month as this special extension ad for Interpol's new album, El Pintor. The compelling hands imagery and anagram of the band's name really grab your attention, or did mine anyway.

Expect more movie billboards filling the skies as we head into October and stick around in the days to come for all the new and returning TV show billboard creatives battling it out for your viewing pleasure for this Fall TV season.

Watch this space...

Friday, September 26, 2014

September drinks and lifestyle billboards filling the skies of L.A....

In addition to all the fabulous fashion billboards gracing the city skyline in September, there have also been an abundance of drinks, car and other lifestyle billboards filling the skies of L.A. this past month.

Drinks and food billboards
Herradura Tequila special extension billboard
Herradura Tequila Silver is back in the skies along the Sunset Strip, this time utilising their horseshoe imagery to great effect with this special extension billboard. I didn't know until recently that Herradura is horseshoe in Spanish, so their logo makes even more sense now.
Smirnoff Vodka Exclusively for everybody billboard
Smirnoff Vodka No. 21 is back with something for everybody, especially if you like bloody marys and other vodka based cocktails.
Buchanan's A Lo Grande Scotch Whisky billboard
Scotland may not have voted for independence from the rest of Britain this month in their referendum, but that doesn't mean its alcohol exports like Buchanan's Scotch Whisky didn't have a reason to celebrate.
Jack Daniels Live DJ billboard
And speaking of whisky, Jack Daniel's was keeping the party going by proudly sponsoring the annual Sunset Strip Music Festival this month.
Leinenkugels Oktoberfest beer billboard
With the 16-day Oktoberfest running from late September to the first weekend in October, it's no wonder that some beers like Leinenkugel are cashing in on the Bavarian festival to sell more bottles this month.
Budweiser America's smoothest lager billboard
And also in the world of beer, Budweiser was reinforcing its credentials as America's smoothest lager.
Drafted by Nature Vita Coco billboard
Over in the soft beverage aisle, Vita Coco was using L.A. Dodgers baseball superstar Yasiel Puig to help sell more coconut water in this fun 'Drafted by nature' special extension creative.
Ice-cream or Juice billboard
Whilst this juice brand continued to offer consumers the choice between indulgent foods or their healthier drink option. Obviously most body conscious people in L.A. will opt for the healthy juice, but I'll take the ice cream every time.
Popchips Snack Savor Repeat billboard
And speaking of being healthy, even half the fat Popchips probably wouldn't get past many folks lips in L.A. (or at least they wouldn't admit to it anyway).

Health and fitness billboards
Phoenix Effect gym workout billboard
As you can see from the billboard for The Phoenix Effect bootcamp, it's all about getting the perfect body for some, so ice cream and chips are certainly all out of the question.

Tourism and travel billboards
Vegan Oktoberfest Santa Monica billboard 2014
For those worried about over indulging on to many sausages and beer, Santa Monica even has it's own healthier version of Oktoberfest for vegans, which kind of takes the fun out of most of the German dishes.
Air France Paris 13 flights billboard
Whilst Oktoberfest transports you to Germany with its food and beer, Air France is offering to fly you to Paris this month for pretty girls, fashion and the Eiffel Tower.
Giant SLS Las Vegas hotel billboard
And closer to L.A., the new SLS Las Vegas Hotel is offering you the chance to be legendary on your visit.

Autos billboards
Giant Lincoln MKC car billboard Sunset Strip
Now that Summer holidays have come to end for most a whole host of car advertising has popped up around L.A. in September. The first-ever Lincoln MKC was making a big splash on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.
Audi Q3 Outmaneuver ordinary car billboard
And Audi was trying to outmaneuver ordinary with their all-new Audi Q3.
Porsche Macan every car a sports car billboard
If you were looking for something a little sportier and had oodles of cash to spend, then the new Porsche Macan was racing onto the scene with a splash of colour.
Ready Set Golf VW car billboard
And the new Volkswagen Golf was all ready to go, driving, not golfing of course.

I know they spend bucket loads of cash on advertising, especially with TV commercials and magazine ads, but I still think all these car companies could put a bit more innovation and creativity into their out-of-home billboards, like these Mercedes-Benz CLA billboards and this fun Mazda6 clapperboard billboard ad.
steering wheel drummer 76 gas billboard
Meanwhile 76 gas stations still want you to believe their on the driver's side with their witty copy-only billboards, tapping into the things you do when you're sitting in all that traffic in your car.

Technology billboards
Giant GoPro father and child billboard
In the world of technology, the sporty video camera GoPro had this new giant-sized wall mural in Hollywood this month and I've seen more and more people using them when I've been out and about, but also posting fun pictures on social media using the camera on their telescopic stalks.
Giant Samsung S5 smartphone billboard
Plus Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone was trying to stand out this month with this giant billboard, probably bracing itself for the arrival of the new larger Apple iPhone 6.

Religion billboards
In the beginning God created anti-evolution billboard
Meanwhile this anti-evolution billboard made me smile this month. I'll take science over religion any day, but I'm always surprised that people are willing to spend advertising money of perpetuating the idea that we came about as fully formed humans created by some divine being, when scientific evidence suggests otherwise and that we did even from ape-like creatures.

Graffiti billboards
WHY graffiti billboard
L.A. is a great place for street art and wall murals on buildings, but I've noticed a trend recently for vandalism of billboard hoardings over movie, TV and fashion creatives, which I always think it is a shame when it's not even art, or anything particularly political, it's just wanton destruction. At least this graffitied pink 'WHY' was on a blank billboard and not ruining someone else's hard work.

Anyway, that's the eclectic mix of the drinks, car, technology and travel billboards that featured on L.A.'s streets this past month. Be sure to also check out all the stylish Fall fashion billboards from September and stay tuned for more TV and movie billboard round-ups in the days to come.

Plus check out my Daily Billboard blog every day for the very latest outdoor ads catching my magpie eye...