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5 years of West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costume inspiration...

For six years I've enjoyed the delights of West Hollywood's annual Halloween Carnaval, but this year I'll be on a plane headed to run the New York Marathon so I won't get to enjoy the festivities. In past year's I've been a Zombie Bride, Zombie Wonder Man, normal Wonder Woman, Robin and Spider-man twice and I've no clue what I would have chosen this year. In case you're struggling with your Halloween look, here's some costume inspiration from the last five years of the Carnaval to help you decide.

Halloween 2013
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes 2013
This year the Halloween festivities should be even crazier as the Carnaval falls on a Friday night, so expect at least the usual 450,000 people to fill Santa Monica Boulevard or more as it's the start of the weekend.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval pumpkin patch costume
I always love seeing the creativity and imagination in my crowded West Hollywood neighbourhood, and aside from people there just to have fun in store bought costumes, there's others who go all out and create such looks as this spooky pumpkin patch installation.
West Hollywood Halloween Scandal costume
Then there's others who pick up on popular shows for their inspiration, like this clever Scandal costume, or from topical news, politics and current affairs events.
Mary Poppins costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
And for some it's a chance to indulge their inner fantasies and be their favourite Hollywood screen idols, like these Jolly Holiday costumes from Mary Poppins.

If you like these, be sure to check out these other fantastic costumes from West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval from last year.

Halloween 2012
Sesame St costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2012
In 2012 during the U.S. Presidential Election one of Mitt Romney's pledges to save the economy was to cut funding of the Public Broadcasting Service, painting a huge yellow target on Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends. For some this was too big an opportunity to miss when it came time to dress up and mock the Republican Presidential candidate.
Sharon Needles costume West Hollywood Halloween 2012
Meanwhile some chose to impersonate the RuPaul's Drag Race winner, Sharon Needles, and the drag queen's unique darker style.
West Hollywood Halloween Pan Am costumes 2012
Other folks were inspired by recent TV shows like Pan Am, about the legendary 60's flight attendants, although maybe these gals were just wearing their work attire out for the night.
West Hollywood Halloween Wizard of Oz costumes 2012
And sometimes the classics are always the best. You can't fault a Wizard of Oz costume like a Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion or Tin-Man, especially if you're a group of friends, although this crowd seem to have lost their Dorothy, although she shouldn't be hard to find in West Hollywood.

For more ideas, check out these Halloween costumes from West Hollywood's 2012 Carnaval.

Halloween 2011
West Hollywood Halloween Stephen King IT Clown costume
Back in 2011 this creepy fellow was doing his best to channel Stephen King's I.T. clown and doing a truly horrific job.
West Hollywood Halloween Katy Perry cupcake costume 2011
Others channeled their favorite pop star, be it Lady Gaga or the cupcake wearing Katy Perry. Let's face it, both ladies give good costumes.
Voldemort Halloween costume West Hollywood 2011
With the Harry Potter film franchise coming to an end in 2011 some people chose to play their favourite dark wizards, like this convincing Voldemort impersonator.
Black Swan Halloween costumes West Hollywood 2011
Whilst others were inspired by Natalie Portman's Oscar-winning performance in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan movie, her good and evil sides.

For more creative outfits, be sure to take a look at these other costumes from West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2011.

Halloween 2010
West Hollywood Halloween superhero costumes 2010
Back in 2010 I donned my Spidey suit for another outing and partied along the Boulevard with a host of other superheroes from the worlds of Marvel and DC Comics, like the Silver Surfer and Wonder Woman.
West Hollywood Halloween zombie costumes 2010
Others were inspired by TV shows like The Walking Dead, bringing their best zombie looks to give people a Halloween fright.
West Hollywood Halloween Mad Hatter costume 2010
And movies like Tim Burton's live-action Alice in Wonderland were providing a wealth of costume ideas from copious amounts of Mad Hatters, to Red Queens and more tea party guests beside.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes 2010
I always try and walk the Boulevard before things get too busy or crazy and I love how everyone is always willing to have their picture taken to show off their costumes, but as the night goes on things get a little sloppier as the costumes sometimes start to fall apart and the crowd gets a little rowdier.

Here's even more costumes from West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2010.

Halloween 2009
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes 2009
And finally from 2009, here's some angelic looking costumes with a religious twist.
West Hollywood Halloween Rice Krispies costumes 2009
Plus some people go all out with their group Halloween looks, like this fabulous threesome as Snap, Crackle and Pop characters from the Rice Krispies cereal boxes.
West Hollywood Halloween DC Superhero costumes 2009
In 2009 we dressed as the Dynamic Duo and as always meet loads of other superheroes out on patrol, including lots of other Batmen and Robins.
West Hollywood Halloween drag costume 2009
Mind you, some people just know how to steal the show and work the street with their fabulousness.

Hopefully some of these looks from previous Carnavals will have helped inspire you, if not there's still plenty of time for real world events to inform your outfit. Whatever you decide, be sure to have fun and take loads of photos.

Let the countdown to All Hallow's Eve begin...

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