Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...

Even though I'd chosen to donate to the ALS charity when nominated by friends and family (and an additional donation to UNICEF to make up for all the water being used), they still weren't happy that I didn't want to throw a bucket of ice cold water over my head.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Palm Springs pool
Fortunately over the Labor Day Weekend I was in Palm Springs with friends in soaring 100°+ temperatures and a convenient swimming pool to make the experience all the more bearable.
Apparently this viral challenge has raised over $100 million for the charity and it's still increasing daily, so hopefully this increase in funding with help them with research, just as the fun ice bucket initiative has aided them with awareness, to help find a cure for this progressive neurodegenerative disease.
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Palm Springs pool
By the way an ice bucket over the head is nothing like taking an ice bath for 20 minutes after running 16 miles (which I did at the weekend), as I train for the New York Marathon to raise money for AIDS Project L.A., another worthy cause.

There's nothing like a bit of fun in the sun, although it's like just another day in Palm Springs to help keep cool...

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