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Returning TV favourite billboards around L.A. in September 2014...

As there were so many TV show billboards filling the city skyline this month for the new Fall season line-up I've had to split them into two camps, returning shows and debuting series. Today it's the turn of the returning favourites and there are more than enough of them to satisfy your craving for billboard advertising ideas.

TV billboards
Blacklist season 2 Red Reddington magazine billboard
First up is the darling of NBC's new shows from last year, The Blacklist. To create some excitement for the return of 'Raymond "Red" Reddington' for the series sophomore season this outdoor ad campaign featuring the enigmatic 'Concierge of Crime' on iconic customised magazine covers could be seen on billboards and bus shelter posters all over L.A. this month.

These three examples are tailored Rolling Stone, GQ and Wired magazine covers, but to see even more billboards and posters for season two of The Blacklist be sure to visit my Daily Billboard blog.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 billboard
Another show I was looking forward to this Fall was the returning Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., back for its second season. Following the uprising of HYDRA last season and the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie anything is now possible with this show and I'm glad to say that svn though the numbers were down I really enjoyed the first episode with 'Crusher Creel - The Absorbing Man', the back-to-basics spy team approach and even the surprising twists.

This season two billboard features newly promoted 'Director Coulson' writing that weird alien schematic from the end of season one, which still remains a mystery, but which I'm sure will begin to unravel this reason.
The Walking Dead season 5 billboard
The Walking Dead return for their fifth season this Fall and this 'Hunt or be hunted' tagline really got me excited for the zombie apocalypse show. It's my favourite drama on TV and it'll be nice to see 'Rick Grimes' and his plucky band of survivors be more proactive this season as they've been on the run and on the defensive for far too long.
American Horror Story Freak Show billboard
FX's horror anthology series, American Horror Story returns for a fourth and I believe final season with Freak Show and this creepy clown mouth creative. The joy of this format is that they can touch on so many different horror and fantasy genres, plus keep things fresh for the all-star ensemble cast each time.

Carnivals and circuses are not amongst my favourite genres, a bit like Westerns and pirate-themes, so AHS: Freak Show is going to go the extra mile to grab my attention, especially after the excellent Coven last season.
Homeland season 4 billboard
Showtime's Homeland returns for a fourth season and following the death of 'Brody' last season hopefully there'll be a chance to provide fresh ideas and storylines for 'Carrie Mathison' and her CIA compatriots (although she'll still have a baby and her bipolar condition to contend with, oh and terrorists I'm sure).
Chicago PD season 2 billboard
More show's returning this season include Chicago Fire for a third season and its police spin-off, Chicago P.D., for a second installment of episodes set in the Windy City.
Chicago Fire season 3 billboard
In the world of reality TV, The Voice returns for an incredible seventh season with new additions Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani on board as new mentors to guide the hopeful singing contestants and further their own careers.
The Voice season 7 billboard
Also back on the small screen is History's hit series, Pawn Stars, about the Las Vegas based Gold & Silver Pawn Shop family business.
Pawn Stars season 9 billboard
In the world of comedy, political commentator Bill Maher was back for a twelfth season of news and current affairs satire in Real Time with Bill Maher, plus the double-whammy of a stand-up special on the same night.
Real Time Bill Maher tightrope billboard
Whilst Bill Maher was in Washington D.C., on Comedy Central Adam Devine was taking his stand-up House Party to New Orleans for a second season.
Adam Devines House Party New Orleans season 2 billboard
Meanwhile Brickleberry was back for a third season of inappropriate animated humour on Comedy Central.
Brickleberry season 3 billboard
And speaking of animation, this cheeky billboard heralded the arrival of the eleventh season of American Dad on TBS.
American Dad season 11 TBS billboard
In the world of daytime television and Ellen Degeneres was back in a big way with this giant-sized billboard along the Sunset Strip for season twelve of her talkshow.
Giant Ellen season 12 billboard Sunset Strip
Plus Dr. Phil was back for a thirteenth season of getting people to talk about their personal lives and problems in front of millions. Because apparently no one else will listen.
Dr Phil season 13 billboard
As you can see there's more than enough comedies, dramas, cartoons and chat shows coming back this Fall, but that's nothing compared to all the new shows battling it out to find an audience before they get cancelled.

If you enjoyed this collection of outdoor ads why not check out last year's returning TV show billboards, and while you're at it, be sure to stay tuned for the onslaught of billboards for Fall 2014's freshman shows...

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