Friday, September 26, 2014

September drinks and lifestyle billboards filling the skies of L.A....

In addition to all the fabulous fashion billboards gracing the city skyline in September, there have also been an abundance of drinks, car and other lifestyle billboards filling the skies of L.A. this past month.

Drinks and food billboards
Herradura Tequila special extension billboard
Herradura Tequila Silver is back in the skies along the Sunset Strip, this time utilising their horseshoe imagery to great effect with this special extension billboard. I didn't know until recently that Herradura is horseshoe in Spanish, so their logo makes even more sense now.
Smirnoff Vodka Exclusively for everybody billboard
Smirnoff Vodka No. 21 is back with something for everybody, especially if you like bloody marys and other vodka based cocktails.
Buchanan's A Lo Grande Scotch Whisky billboard
Scotland may not have voted for independence from the rest of Britain this month in their referendum, but that doesn't mean its alcohol exports like Buchanan's Scotch Whisky didn't have a reason to celebrate.
Jack Daniels Live DJ billboard
And speaking of whisky, Jack Daniel's was keeping the party going by proudly sponsoring the annual Sunset Strip Music Festival this month.
Leinenkugels Oktoberfest beer billboard
With the 16-day Oktoberfest running from late September to the first weekend in October, it's no wonder that some beers like Leinenkugel are cashing in on the Bavarian festival to sell more bottles this month.
Budweiser America's smoothest lager billboard
And also in the world of beer, Budweiser was reinforcing its credentials as America's smoothest lager.
Drafted by Nature Vita Coco billboard
Over in the soft beverage aisle, Vita Coco was using L.A. Dodgers baseball superstar Yasiel Puig to help sell more coconut water in this fun 'Drafted by nature' special extension creative.
Ice-cream or Juice billboard
Whilst this juice brand continued to offer consumers the choice between indulgent foods or their healthier drink option. Obviously most body conscious people in L.A. will opt for the healthy juice, but I'll take the ice cream every time.
Popchips Snack Savor Repeat billboard
And speaking of being healthy, even half the fat Popchips probably wouldn't get past many folks lips in L.A. (or at least they wouldn't admit to it anyway).

Health and fitness billboards
Phoenix Effect gym workout billboard
As you can see from the billboard for The Phoenix Effect bootcamp, it's all about getting the perfect body for some, so ice cream and chips are certainly all out of the question.

Tourism and travel billboards
Vegan Oktoberfest Santa Monica billboard 2014
For those worried about over indulging on to many sausages and beer, Santa Monica even has it's own healthier version of Oktoberfest for vegans, which kind of takes the fun out of most of the German dishes.
Air France Paris 13 flights billboard
Whilst Oktoberfest transports you to Germany with its food and beer, Air France is offering to fly you to Paris this month for pretty girls, fashion and the Eiffel Tower.
Giant SLS Las Vegas hotel billboard
And closer to L.A., the new SLS Las Vegas Hotel is offering you the chance to be legendary on your visit.

Autos billboards
Giant Lincoln MKC car billboard Sunset Strip
Now that Summer holidays have come to end for most a whole host of car advertising has popped up around L.A. in September. The first-ever Lincoln MKC was making a big splash on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.
Audi Q3 Outmaneuver ordinary car billboard
And Audi was trying to outmaneuver ordinary with their all-new Audi Q3.
Porsche Macan every car a sports car billboard
If you were looking for something a little sportier and had oodles of cash to spend, then the new Porsche Macan was racing onto the scene with a splash of colour.
Ready Set Golf VW car billboard
And the new Volkswagen Golf was all ready to go, driving, not golfing of course.

I know they spend bucket loads of cash on advertising, especially with TV commercials and magazine ads, but I still think all these car companies could put a bit more innovation and creativity into their out-of-home billboards, like these Mercedes-Benz CLA billboards and this fun Mazda6 clapperboard billboard ad.
steering wheel drummer 76 gas billboard
Meanwhile 76 gas stations still want you to believe their on the driver's side with their witty copy-only billboards, tapping into the things you do when you're sitting in all that traffic in your car.

Technology billboards
Giant GoPro father and child billboard
In the world of technology, the sporty video camera GoPro had this new giant-sized wall mural in Hollywood this month and I've seen more and more people using them when I've been out and about, but also posting fun pictures on social media using the camera on their telescopic stalks.
Giant Samsung S5 smartphone billboard
Plus Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone was trying to stand out this month with this giant billboard, probably bracing itself for the arrival of the new larger Apple iPhone 6.

Religion billboards
In the beginning God created anti-evolution billboard
Meanwhile this anti-evolution billboard made me smile this month. I'll take science over religion any day, but I'm always surprised that people are willing to spend advertising money of perpetuating the idea that we came about as fully formed humans created by some divine being, when scientific evidence suggests otherwise and that we did even from ape-like creatures.

Graffiti billboards
WHY graffiti billboard
L.A. is a great place for street art and wall murals on buildings, but I've noticed a trend recently for vandalism of billboard hoardings over movie, TV and fashion creatives, which I always think it is a shame when it's not even art, or anything particularly political, it's just wanton destruction. At least this graffitied pink 'WHY' was on a blank billboard and not ruining someone else's hard work.

Anyway, that's the eclectic mix of the drinks, car, technology and travel billboards that featured on L.A.'s streets this past month. Be sure to also check out all the stylish Fall fashion billboards from September and stay tuned for more TV and movie billboard round-ups in the days to come.

Plus check out my Daily Billboard blog every day for the very latest outdoor ads catching my magpie eye...

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