Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween, drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in October 2014...

The run up to Halloween is certainly a unique time in the skies of L.A., when the streets are filled with billboards for horror movies and video games, spooky theme park and live attraction ads and of course ideas of where to find your perfect costume. Here's a selection of Halloween-themed outdoor ads, plus the drinks and lifestyle billboards also vying for your attention.

Halloween billboards
The Evil Within movie billboard
One of my favourite visuals this month was this creepy clawing hand creative for The Evil Within, a horror video game released just in time for the spooky season, which could easily have been for a movie.
Out of the Closet Halloween vampire billboard
The Out of the Closet thrift stores took advantage of everyone's panic of where to find the perfect costume for Halloween, whether it be a blood-sucking vampire or a funky fashion throwback.
Out of the Closet Halloween costumes for everyone billboard
And the best thing is whilst you get your groove on courtesy of Out of the Closet thrift stores, you're also contributing much needed funds to help fight HIV/AIDS.
L.A. Haunted Hayride billboard 2014
At this time of year there's always lots of billboards around for all those scare seekers who love to get in the Halloween spirit with Haunted Hayrides or zombie hordes.
Halloween Horror Nights zombie billboard
Universal Studios Hollywood once again chose the TV ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead to attract visitors to their theme park at this time of year. If you like this gory creative, be sure to also check out their more sci-fi Alien vs Predator Halloween Horror Nights billboard
Six Flags Fright Fest Scream Bigger billboard
Meanwhile Six Flags amusement park also wanted you to scream bigger on their thrilling roller-coaster rides with their annual Fright Fest.
Disneyland Halloween Time Captain Hook billboard
Over at Disneyland their wicked iconic villains, like Captain Hook and Maleficent, tempted visitors to enjoy Halloween Time at the happiest place on Earth (or should that be the spookiest place on Earth at this time of year).
Disneyland Halloween Time Maleficent billboard 2014
Will you be popping by for a spell this Halloween, or do you have something equally exciting planned.

Technology billboards
Giant T-Mobile selfie billboard
In the world of technology and telecommunications outdoor advertising this giant 'selfie' billboard certainly grabbed my attention this month for T-Mobile, it really does sum up the zeitgeist of a generation at the moment.
Apple iPhone 6 leaf billboard
Other big news is the tech sphere was the launch of Apple's new iPhone 6, which has sold countless millions of the smartphones already. Personally I'm not sure bigger is necessarily better, as it just doesn't fit in my pocket so comfortably and I've only got little hands.
Yellow Pages Crush your to-do list billboard
Also in the world smartphones and Yellow Pages continues to promote its re-vamped YP brand identity and new app with this giant-sized wallscape on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollwyood. Be sure to also check out more from this Yellow Pages Can do that outdoor ad campaign.

Drinks and food billboards
Giant Absolut Elyx Vodka billboard
Once Halloween festivities are over, time starts speeding up to the winter Holiday season with Thanksgiving, the Jewish Holidays and Christmas fast approaching. 

It's no surprise with all this celebrating that alcohol companies are spending big to get your attention and their brands into your hands, like this Absolut Elyx Vodka on the other westbound side of the Andaz Hotel.
Johnnie Walker Blue Label rare gift billboard
Obviously as well as parties, the Holidays are a perfect time for gift-giving and Johnnie Walker Blue Label wants to remind passersby their whisky is the perfect present of rare quality.
Original Light Pilsner Miller Lite billboard
It's also American Football season and there are plenty of beer brands hoping you'll take home a six-pack to watch the game, like Miller Lite.
Coors Light USC Trojans billboard
And there's those brands like Coors Light who make their refreshment proposition even more explicit with their sponsorship of the USC Trojans.
50 years Dan Tana's restaurant billboard
Meanwhile in the world of dining out, it's not often that a restaurant makes it to 50 years, so congratulations to L.A.'s infamous Dan Tana's for their success (especially as their neighbour Palms Restaurant recently closed it doors in West Hollywood after 40 years).

Charity and cause-related billboards
Linda Fondren Fitness Values billboard
Fitness is not something you have to worry about in L.A. as most people are body conscious or taking advantage of the glorious weather to run, cycle or swim outdoors. But it's always share a success story when someone like Linda Fondren encouraged Vicksburg residents to get fit and fight obesity.
UCLA We amend rainbow Pride flag billboard
And being gay it's also nice to see the rainbow flag flying around the city streets, it makes you feel like you live in a place that supports equal rights and is a safe place for the LGBT community. This billboard is for UCLA Law School who advise on LGBT issues and help amend laws for equality.

Travel billboards
Ace of Diamonds Gentleman's Club Vegas bathtub billboard
The billboards for Las Vegas are becoming more and more prominent in the skies of L.A., like this one for Ace of Diamonds Gentlemen's Club, but it's not the first time someone has used this ad creative idea, be sure to also check out Jessica Simpson in a bathtub of diamonds for Zales.
Virgin America radical departure billboard
This past month also saw a lot of advertising for airlines, probably with the Holidays fast approaching. Of course Virgin America always likes to do things a little differently to other airlines.
Delta Airlines Canceling cancellations billboard
Whilst Virgin highlights the way you travel, Delta focuses on their service record and making the flights run on time with this 'Canceling cancellations' runway-themed ad creative.
American Airlines ReLAX New York London billboard
And American Airlines wants its customer to relax on its flights from LAX to NYC and London with this patriotic billboard, which uses words rather than visuals to get its message across.

As you can see with all the movie billboards, Fall fashion billboards, new TV billboards and these Halloween-themed and lifestyle outdoor ads it's once again been a jam-packed skyline in October, bombarding you with multitudes of new ideas and offerings.

Not every billboard is a winner, but I certainly enjoy seeing all these visions in vinyl every month. Come back soon for even more cool billboards that have been tickling my fancy...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cool TV show billboards filling L.A.'s skies in October 2014...

September may have seen an onslaught of new and returning TV show billboards in L.A.'s sprawling skyline, but that doesn't mean there still weren't more billboards popping up this past month. This Fall season it seems rookie shows are surviving longer than previous years, maybe due to DVR ratings being taken into account or rumors of weak mid-season replacements, but some newbies are performing well and yet more more returning favourites are on the horizon too.

TV billboards
The Flash series premiere review billboard
One of the freshmen shows off to a racing start is The CW's Arrow spin-off show, The Flash. The scarlet speedster certainly seems to be a hit and it's nice that it has a lighter tone than some of the other debuting comic book shows, like Gotham, which is just so dark and dreary.

This new billboard followed its debut, but be sue to check out these other series premiere and teaser billboards for The Flash.
Constantine series premiere billboard
Another DC Comics character getting the small screen treatment is Constantine. If the name sounds familiar it's because the supernatural hero has already been adapted for the big screen in 2005 with Keanu Reeves in the titular role. This time Welsh actor Matt Ryan is the master demon hunter and occultist adapted from the Hellblazer comic book.
The Newsroom final episodes giant billboard
Jeff Daniels may be returning to the big screen in his Dumb and Dumber To sequel this November, but on the small screen his HBO journalism drama, The Newsroom is coming to an end with its final third season. It's a shame as I liked Aaron Sorkin's look at behind-the-scenes of a nightly news show with plot lines based on real-life events.
Elementary season 3 billboard
Alos returning for a third season is Elementary, with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as a modern day 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Dr. Watson'.
Curse of Oak Island season 2 billboard
Back for a second season on the History channel is The Curse of Oak Island, which follows a brother team of modern day explorers searching for the legendary pirate treasure buried on the island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Chelsea Handler Uganda Lion King parody billboard
One of the funniest things I saw in the skies of L.A. this month was this hilarious Lion King parody advert for Chelsea Handler's new stand-up special on Netflix, Uganda Be Kidding Me Live. So funny.
Dane Cook Troublemaker billboard
Another comedian with a billboard for a comedy special was Dane Cook for his Showtime event, Troublemaker. This is also one of the new billboard site's along the Sunset Strip above the old Key Club. Whilst it's interesting what they are visually trying to do, I can't help but think it detracts from the actual ads on display.
Giant Real Husbands of Hollywood season 3 billboard
Meanwhile ever since this giant wallscape has started featuring TV show ads it's been a much more interesting place, as the previous fashion ads didn't change for months on end. This super-sized billboard for the third season of the spoof reality series Real Husbands of Hollywood certainly grabbed your attention.
The Exes giant season 4 billboard
That creative was replaced by this fourth season creative for TV Land's sitcom, The Exes. Now that the sun is lower in the sky and with the time change imminent this ad site won't be getting the same sunlight it got all Summer long for much longer.
Jane The Virgin series premiere billboard
In addition to The Flash, The CW also has another hit on their hands this season in the form of Jane the Virgin, about a girl who has never had sex, who gets artificially inseminated during a routine pap smear test and decides to carry the baby for the donor parents.
Key & Peele season 4 special extension billboard
Also returning to the skies of L.A. this Fall for a fourth season of sketches are comedy duo Key & Peele, who are rumoured to have just signed a deal to star in their first movie together.
About a Boy season 2 billboard
Meanwhile it doesn't happen often, but NBC's TV remake of About a Boy is also back for a sophomore season.
The McCarthys series premiere billboard
Speaking of sitcoms and after the glut of new pitches this season, The McCarthys is debuting later than most and features a sports-loving Boston family with a gay son who is torn between moving away and staying close to his tight-knit family.
Black Dynamite season 2 billboard
In the world of animation, blaxpoitation spoof Black Dynamite is back to kick more butt in the second season of his Adult Swim show.
South Park season 18 special billboard
Plus South Park is back for amazing eighteenth season with this eye-catching billboard installation with all the familiar faces of the Comedy Central cartoon series.
The Affair series premiere billboard
Over on Showtime, The Affair is stirring things up with an adulterous drama set in the Hamptons told through flashbacks, which may prove for uncomfortable viewing with your significant other.
Kingdom series premiere billboard
Everyone is getting in on the act of originals series it seems and Direct TV's latest offering is Kingdom, a family drama set in the fighting world of Mixed Martial Arts, starring Frank Grillo and Nick Jonas.
Kingdom season 1 billboards
Meanwhile, whilst all the cable providers and streaming services are producing new television content, there are also new web series on the horizon too, like Model Turned Superstar, another modeling reality show competition.
Model Turned Superstar Bora Bora billboard
As you can see there's more than enough new and established TV shows vying for your viewing pleasure, but let's face it, there's just not enough time in the day to watch it all.

Only time will tell which rookie shows will make the cut and whether returning series can keep viewers long enough to guarantee subsequent seasons.

Be sure to stick around to see even more TV show ad creatives in the round-up next month and if you can't wait, head over to my Daily Billboard blog for all the very latest outdoor ads catching my magpie eye.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October's best movie and music billboards around Los Angeles...

If October has had a cornucopia of fashion billboards, then it has also had a smorgasbord of movie, music and video game billboards filling the skies of L.A.

Movie billboards
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I giant billboard
The next chapter of The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part I took flight in the city skyline in full force this month, including this giant wall mural of 'Katniss' on the side of the Andaz Hotel along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I movie billboard
In addition to these official movie release billboards, be sure to check out the teaser ad campaign for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I that appeared during the Summer months too.
Giant Disney Big Hero 6 movie billboard
One of the films I'm looking forward to in November is Disney's latest animated film based on some Z-List Japanese superhero Marvel Comics characters, Big Hero 6. From the looks of things though, this reimagined 'Baymax' may steal the show with his simplistic look and adorable personality.
Book of Life movie billboard
Speaking of animation, The Book of Life was just in time for Halloween with its Day of the Dead themed storyline about a young musician who ventures into the spirit realms to find his true calling and win the heart of the girl of his dreams.
Interstellar movie billboard
Another movie I'm trying not to get too excited about is Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi epic, Interstellar. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway journey though wormholes in space to find new planets to help save humanity and I'm hoping that this film exceeds my expectations.
Interstellar film billboard
If you like these two ad creatives, be sure to also check out these other evocative Interstellar movie billboards captivating passersby in the skies of L.A. this month.
Fury movie billboard
From humanity's future to our war-torn past and Brad Pitt starred in the World War II movie Fury, about a Sherman tank crew in the final days in the war against Nazi Germany.
Dracula Untold film billboard
This month another classic villain was resurrected from the vaults just in time for Halloween with Luke Evans giving new life to the vampire lord of darkness in Dracula Untold.

Apparently this movie reboot marks the dawn of a new shared cinematic universe based on Universal Studios classic monsters, from The Wolfman, to The Mummy, The Invisible Man and even The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Big Driver Lifetime movie billboard
Meanwhile Stephen King collaborated with Lifetime on a TV movie starring Maria Bello, about a female writer out for revenge after being attacked driving home.
The Judge movie billboard
And Robert Downey Jr. took off his Iron Man armour to defend his father accused of murder in The Judge, and of the billboards for the movie drama I much prefer this version.
Alexander Terrible Horrible Bad Day billboard
If you think his family was having an awful time, then that's nothing compared to Disney's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, which is based on Judith Viorst and Ray Cruz's beloved 70's children's book.
St Vincent movie billboard
And from one family comedy to a more grownup affair, St. Vincent, stars Bill Murray as Melissa McCarthy's hard-drinking, gambling neighbour who befriends her troubled young son, changing all their lives.
Special Dumb and Dumber To movie billboard
Speaking of comedies and twenty years later Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their dimwit roles in this sequel to 1994's Dumb and Dumber.

If you this billboard with the life-like pigeon attached (it's not real), then you have to check out all these movie billboards for Dumb and Dumber To which are great fun.
John Wick movie billboard
Another film star making his comeback this month is Keanu Reeves, who has been garnering rave reviews for getting back to basics in the assassin revenge thriller John Wick. After all, if it ain't broken, why fix it.
Best of Me movie billboard
In the world of romance this month delivered another Nicholas Sparks adaptation, this time James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan were grownup reunited high school sweethearts in The Best of Me.
Wolf of Wall Street Epix movie billboard
And over on Epix, The Wolf of Wall Street was raising his head again.

Video game billboards
Alien Isolation video game bilboards
In the world of video gaming, Alien Isolation revisited the iconic horror science fiction film franchise just in time to deliver some familiar frights for Halloween.

Music billboards
There was lots going on in the music industry this month. To celebrate their 20th anniversary and mark the release of their new studio album, Sonic Highways, the Foo Fighters advertised their new 8-part documentary series on HBO chronicling the cross-country making of their new record.
Tony Bennett Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek billboard
At the end of September Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga dropped their new jazz album collaboration and this billboard for 'Cheek to Cheek' graced the skies of West Hollywood in October.
Nicky Romero Light nightclub Las Vegas billboard
Nicky Romero played the Light Nightclub in Las Vegas this month and this giant-sized billboard attracted party goers along the Sunset Strip.
Red Bull Sound Select 30 days LA billboard
Meanwhile Red Bull's Sound Select initiative is bringing 30 days of of live music and more to L.A. in November.
Idina Menzel Holiday Wishes album billboard
And finally look, the wicked 'Adele Nazim', aka Idina Menzel, has a new holiday-themed album out to cash in on her new found success in Frozen as the voice of 'Elsa' and on stage in the new Broadway hit 'If/Then'.

As you can see, it's been crowded in the city skyline and that's not even including all the TV show billboards and other lifestyle ads vying for our eyeballs.

Stay tuned for more creative outdoor ads in the days to come...