Sunday, October 12, 2014

I ran the AIDS Walk 2014 so you didn't have to...

Today was L.A.'s 30th annual L.A. AIDS Walk and as you all know by now, when I'm not running a marathon I'm training for one.

Donate to T2 Team to End AIDS
This morning we hijacked the streets of L.A. to run six miles before the AIDS Walk and raise awareness for our T2: Team to End AIDS L.A. Marathon training program which is kicking off next week in Griffith Park.

T2: Team to End AIDS run the AIDS WALK 2014
T2 Team to End AIDS runners AIDS Walk 2014
Personally I'm running my first New York Marathon on November 2, 2014, to benefit AIDS Project L.A. and then next weekend we also start training for next year's L.A. Marathon 2015, my fifth consecutive year for the worthwhile charity.
Donate to T2 Team to End AIDS
Legs don't fail me now as we've got a lot of miles to go and hopefully some of you will join me (as you have in the past) and if not, you'll donate to help me raise funds which go to work immediately helping those individuals and families in need.

Do you want to do something worthwhile for others and challenge yourself at the same time? Come run with us in Griffith Park next Saturday and tick running a marathon off your bucket list...

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