Friday, October 10, 2014

Labrador Cooper vs the waves...

There's only so much training you can do for the New York Marathon (20 miles at the weekend) and sitting in front of a computer blogging, or whizzing around taking photos of billboards before you need a break to refresh your mind, body and soul. Fortunately there's a dog beach only an hour's drive  away in Huntington Beach to help blow away the cobwebs and give Cooper a chance to splash among the waves.

Huntington Dog Beach Labrador Cooper
Our last couple of visits there've been some mighty strong waves and currents, today was pretty mild by comparison, but they still managed to toss our 80lb Labrador around in the surf.
Ever since he was a pup on his first dog beach visit he's loved splashing around the ocean, but he's always been a stronger swimmer in a pool and will dive in continuously, like the time he had a puppy pool playdate in Bel Air, but he's never really been one to really charge into the waves.
Huntington Beach Labrador Cooper
It depends which beach we're at too, Huntington Beach doesn't have the hidden rocky shoreline that Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara tends to have, but it does have the big waves that surfers like and the sand can suddenly shelve away and if you're walking along in shallow waters you can sometimes find yourself waist deep in the Pacific Ocean (just ask some of my friends).

I think that's why Cooper is more hesitant at Huntington Beach and it's comical to watch him dance about as the powerful waves come crashing in, often sweeping him off his feet.
Of course, there's also his ritual of rolling in the sand when he gets submerged and either gets salty water up his snout or in his ears.

It's such a shame that Huntington Beach doesn't invest in some dog showers as they'd more than make their money with owners wanting to wash all that sand and salt of their pooches before they get back in their cars.

Anyway, it's always worth the drive, just to watch Cooper have fun and wear himself out. A tired puppy is a happy puppy.
Sleeping wet Labrador Cooper
Although these days as he gets older he stiffens up after a beach visit and no doubt later we'll be massaging his hind legs in order for him to stagger outside for his final walk of the evening.

Ahh, there's nothing like the smell of a wet dog...

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