Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Simple carved Halloween pumpkin ideas to try...

You can search the internet for hours and find amazing examples of carved Halloween pumpkins, some very basic and some wildly creative and professionally carved. I always think of my Jack O'Lantern designs as very simple, yet classic Halloween fare.

Carved Halloween Pumpkins 2013
Carved Halloween pumpkin ideas
Every year I have my Martha Stewart moment, a bit like when I wrap presents at Christmas in all the bows, fancy paper and embellishments, and spend a few hours crafting some pumpkin faces that make me smile, even if they are not going to scare anyone.
Funny Halloween pumpkin carving
Carved Halloween pumpkin
Carved Halloween pumpkin skull face
Last year I managed to carve three different designs and by the end of scooping out the first pumpkin I'm always reminded exactly how long each little creation takes (that's where some great Halloween party music and maybe a cocktail or two come in handy to while away the hours).

Carved Halloween Pumpkins 2012
Carved Halloween pumpkin idea
Carved Halloween pumpkin designs
Halloween pumpkin face
Of course after expert hair and makeup it's time for their closeup, they are Hollywood Jack O'Lanterns after all, and what's one more photoshoot after being pursued all day by the paparazzi.

Carved Halloween Pumpkin 2011
Carved Halloween pumpkin
Back in 2011 I must have been rushed for time as I only managed the one carved pumpkin and have never lived the shame down. Obviously since then the mantra has been, "must do better".

Carved Halloween Pumpkins 2010
Carved Halloween pumpkin ideas
Three-eyed alien Halloween pumpkin
Spooky Halloween pumpkins
Carved pumpkins don't seem last for long in the L.A. heat, although I often wonder if I scoop out too much of their innards and that's part of the problem too. At least with multiple pumpkins we have soup that lasts us for days and kind of helps us feel a tad more autumnal in the Southern California sunshine.

Carved Halloween Pumpkins 2009
Evil Halloween pumpkin
Spooky Halloween pumpkins
Halloween Jack Pumpkin
This year I may be missing the delights of dressing up for West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval, as I'll be traveling to run the New York Marathon the same weekend, but I'm sure I'll find time to carve a pumpkin or two to get me in the spooky spirit of the season.

Hmm, must get my thinking cap on and maybe watch some Halloween-themed movies to help provide some inspiration this year...

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