Saturday, October 25, 2014

The final countdown to the 2014 New York Marathon...

Next Sunday I'm swapping palm trees and sunshine for skyscrapers and yellow taxi cabs as I run my first ever New York Marathon. To say I'm super excited is an understatement. This morning I did my last eight mile training run for the marathon and was rewarded for my efforts with his cool customised event running shirt from the charity I've been fundraising for, T2: Team to End AIDS, who raise essential funds for AIDS Project L.A.

Almost ready to run the 2014 New York Marathon
Team to End AIDS New York Marathon runner
I've been stressing over what to wear as the conditions will be far colder than here in balmy L.A., so this long-sleeved top is the perfect, as I'll be catching the ferry to Staten Island at 6:30 am and then my wave of the race won't start until 10:05 am, so that's a lot of waiting around in the cold.
New York city skyline from Rockefeller Center
Once again my family and friends have been very generous with their donations and already raised over $3,250 for AIDS Project L.A. and if you want to show your support with a donation, however large or small, you can DONATE NOW.
Autumnal Central Park New York
I'll be thinking of all my donors on race day and they'll provide much needed motivation as I run the 26.2 mile course through all the five boroughs of New York and this video will give you an idea of the route, excitement and crowd support on race day.

It's emotional watching this video of the marathon, so I can't even begin to imagine how I will feel on the day, as it looks like a life-changing experience.
Brooklyn Bridge
I'm sure that it may not be as warm as Los Angeles in the Big Apple next week, but I'm hoping for cool and clear skies and no rain. The 2014 L.A. Marathon was the hottest in a decade and it rained for the 2014 Vancouver Marathon, so I think I deserve the best running conditions for New York, don't you?
Rockefeller Center ice-skating New York
I've also not visited New York in a couple of years, so this will also be the perfect excuse to see the sights, enjoy the food and of course, take some billboard pictures (although I may be hobbling around the city streets after the marathon).
Team to End AIDS New York Marathon runner
This will be my ninth marathon, but I really think this one will be in a league of its own.

Let the final countdown to race day begin...

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