Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bob Marley and Janis Joplin tributes welcome you to Sunset Strip's GuitarTown...

The 2014 installment of GuitarTown music legend tributes are in full swing along the Sunset Strip and two more fantastic designs by artist Willard Snow have appeared to welcome visitors eastbound into West Hollywood.

Willard Snow's Bob Marley and Janis Joplin guitar tributes 
welcome visitors to West Hollywood's Sunset Strip
Bob Marley Janis Joplin guitar tributes Sunset Strip
Not content with just one design, these two guitars tributes to music icons Bob Marley ('Reggae Legend') and Janis Joplin ('Acid Queen'), are from a four-part collection, which also include homages to Marc Bolan ('The English Rocker) and Jerry Garcia ('China Cat').
Willard Snow Bob Marley Janis Joplin GuitarTown sculptures
These trippy black and white designs truly are inventive and are really eye-catching in this gateway location which has also hosted such GuitarTown tributes to José Feliciano, The Doors and Buffalo Springfield, and more besides.

Reggae Legend guitar tribute to Bob Marley by Willard Snow
Bob Marley Reggae Legend GuitarTown tribute
Bob Marley Reggae Legend guitar tribute back
Willard Snow Reggae Legend Acid Queen GuitarTown
The outdoor art project GuitarTown features these oversized fiberglass Gibson Les Paul's with designs dedicated to music legends and icons, and the guitar creation on the left is for renowned Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley, and I remember hearing a lot of his music on the radio growing up in the U.K.

Acid Queen guitar tribute to Janis Joplin by Willard Snow
Janis Joplin Acid Queen GuitarTown tribute
Janis Joplin Acid Queen GuitarTown tribute Willard Snow
Janis Joplin Acid Queen guitar tribute back design
The guitar on the right is for the 'Queen of Psychedelic Soul', Janis Joplin, and if you like this art creation and are a fan of the infamous singer, be sure to also check out this other Janis Joplin GuitarTown tribute from last year (she obviously inspired a lot of people).
Reggae Legend Acid Queen GuitarTown homages
I really love these imaginative designs and it's nice to see the art installation concept for charity hasn't grown stale over the last four years and it's still motivating people to do great work.

Let's wait and see what other delights will pop up in the neighbourhood before the end of the year...

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