Saturday, November 1, 2014

Conquering the 2014 New York Marathon Expo...

I did it, I got in and out of the New York Marathon Expo in record time. I'm not one for wandering aimlessly around race expos unless I need something special, so as it was the last day to pick up my race packet we headed to the expo as soon as it opened at 9 am to beat the last-minute mad dash.

I finished the New York Marathon Expo
Faux finish line NYC Marathon Expo
Aside from my very first L.A. Marathon back in 2011, this is probably the most excited I've been to pick up my race packet and runner's bib. The New York Marathon is such an infamous event I feel very fortunate to be able to run it tomorrow.
NYC Marathon Expo entrance 2014
On the road to NYC I've raised over $3,250 for AIDS Project L.A. through donations from family, friends and supporters and collectively our unofficial group of charity runners from L.A. and Chicago have raised over $40,000.

I don't think I'll be able to carry my medal if it's this big after the race
Giant NYC Marathon 2015 medal
I say 'unofficial' as we've not had a planned training programme unlike for the L.A. Marathon, but have trained on our own (luckily at times with friends on the longer runs) over the super-hot Southern Californian Summer months.
Run NYC neon sign NIKE 5th Avenue
Run NYC neon sign NIKE 5th Avenue
Well the weather in New York is certainly the exact opposite of those months of training. It's wet, windy and cold here today and I bet the 50,000+ runners are all hoping that it doesn't rain for race day.

It's only 26.2 miles...
New York Marathon Expo 2015
I always think that running a marathon is the best way to see a city from a different perspective, be it Vancouver, L.A. or San Francisco, and I'm excited to run the five boroughs, many places that I've never seen on my previous visits to New York.
New York Marathon 5 Boroughs Expo poster 2015
Tonight all my running friends are meeting for one last carb load dinner and to voice all those pre-race jitters out in the open, and then I think it'll be an early night (although I'm sure I'll wake up every hour worrying my alarm isn't going to go off). 

For the 2014 L.A. Marathon the clocks went forward, whilst tonight they go back. I'd say I'm gaining an hour of sleep, but as there's a three hour time difference between the East and West Coast I'm not sure I've gained that much and I'm a little apprehensive about getting to the start in the morning and all the waiting around in the cold.
New York Marathon Expo 2015
As you can see my race number is #23693 and I'll be in Wave 2, Corral E, hopefully setting off at 10:05 am.

I'm hopeful both my body and the weather gods don't fail me tomorrow and that this will be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life.

I have my New York-themed music playlist downloaded and I'm ready to run NYC...


Sarah Hardin said...

Have fun, Jason!

Jason in Hollywood said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!

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