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Cool billboards around New York City in November 2014...

Oh New York, it's been a while since I've walked your streets and taken in your abundance of billboards, but as I was in town anyway to run the a little thing called the New York Marathon this year I thought I'd use the opportunity to check out what visions in vinyl were gracing the Big Apple's streets and skyscrapers.

Storage and parking billboards
get those Hillary for President posters out of storage billboard NYC
Funny genre to start with, but this billboard sets the scene perfectly with the Empire State Building in the background glimpsed from the wonderful High Line Park. Plus after the whitewash that was the recent election where Republicans emerged victorious, I thought we needed to look to a brighter future and hopefully the first female U.S. President in the form of Hillary Clinton (that is, if she runs).
Don't trust the cloud Manhattan Storage billboard
These billboards for Manhattan Mini Storage are very timely and witty, and make a boring subject like storage feel much more interesting.
can't parallel park our little secret billboard
Meanwhile, I thought driving in L.A. was bad until I saw New York drivers and was thrown all over the place in the back of a few yellow taxis, so this parallel parking billboard was a ray of sunshine on a wet and windy day.

Fashion billboards
Guess who's coming to town Neiman Marcus billboard
Whenever I visit Manhattan I'm always reminded how the city is much more about fashion that the West Coast where shirts and shorts prevail most days, that and the fact that everyone wears a lot of black and grey. Bringing a splash of bold, festive colour to the city skyline and opening a store in 2018 at the Hudson Yards is luxury department store Neiman Marcus.
Giant #mycalvins Calvin Klein Jeans billboard NYC
Calvin Klein always has a big presence along East Houston Street near Broadway and Lafayette and this time was no exception with this sexy super-sized ad for their designer jeans, featuring Matthew Terry and Lara Stone.
Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2014 collection billboard NYC
Meanwhile Tommy Hilfiger was rolling out their winter collection with this billboard above the High Line Park.
Ugg Australia sleeping in billboard NYC
Plus UGG Australia was snuggling down for the cold winter days and nights on the east coast wight his billboard near Times Square.
Lacoste Life is a beautiful sport billboard NYC
Lacoste was keeping things sporty this season, maybe highlighting its eyewear range just in time for the gift-giving season.
Candie's Bella Thorne 17 Birthday billboard
And the Candie's clothing line at Kohl's was celebrating actress Belle Thorne's 17th birthday with this clever design device.

Toy billboards
Barbie Designed to inspire unapologetic billboard NYC
From fashion to toys, and Barbie was trying to improve her image in Times Square as in recent times the doll brand has been criticized for perpetuating the image of the perfect super skinny girl. By the looks of things, this is one doll who's not afraid to be unapologetically fabulous.

TV billboards
Giant Video Game High School season 3 You Tube billboard NYC
Interestingly I didn't spy that many movie billboards lining the skies of NYC and certainly far less compared the the skies of Hollywoodland where almost of the big studios are based, but there were some TV show billboards present, although many of which I'd seen before.

When walking the streets of Manhattan I always make sure to check out what super-sized wall mural is adorning this building along Park Avenue at 23rd Street. This time it was this action-packed ad creative for You Tube's Video Game High School, now in its third season.
The Flash season 1 billboards Times Square
Speaking of action, this clever collection of billboards near Times Square featured DC Comics superhero, The Flash, zooming through the streets of Central City for his freshman season.
Red Band Society season 1 billboard NYC
And speaking of rookie shows, this season one billboard for Red Band Society was nearby (although the future of this medical dramedy looks less certain).
Dogs of War series premiere billboard NYC
Meanwhile another new series debuting this Veterans Day is Dogs of War, a reality series following war veterans suffering from PTSD being helped by shelter dogs to adjust to life without combat.

Technology billboards
Apple iPhone 6 billboard NYC
Just at the skies of L.A. are filled with outdoor ads for Apple's recently launched iPhone 6, so too are New York's skies.
Android Be together not the same billboards Times Square
Mind you they do have some competition in the form of all these fun billboards for Android above Times Square.
Surface Pro 3 billboard Times Square
Plus Microsoft still has this special extension billboard nearby for its Surface Pro 3 tablet, trying to woo you from your iPad and MacBook.
Samsung Curved TV Godzilla billboard Times Square
And Samsung was showing off its new Curved TV in Times Square with the help of Godzilla. Be sure to also check out the Samsung Curved TV billboard installation along L.A.'s Sunset Strip, which in my opinion showed off the curved effect better.

Arts billboards
Takashi Murakami Gagosian Gallery billboard
In the world of art, from the High Line I spied this colourful billboard for the Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery, which helped brighten a cold weekend.
Giant Girl from Jellyfish Lake billboard NYC
Plus at the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and East 10th Street this giant-sized image of a girl submerged in water with jellyfish caught me eye. Apparently the arresting 100-foot billboard is called 'The Silent Medusa' and is from a series of photos by Amber Arbucci called 'The Girl at Jellyfish Lake'.

Drinks billboards
Moet Champagne Making an entrance billboard Times Square
Granted I only had one day to walk around after the race but I didn't see that many drinks billboards, although Moet & Chandon champagne was definitely getting ready for all those Holiday parties and the ball to drop on New Year's Eve.

Musical theatre billboards
Idina Menzel If Then musical billboard Times Square
Broadway is always jam-packed with billboards for all the latest musicals and plays and sadly we didn't have time to catch a show, especially as most shows are dark on a Monday. I saw Idina Menzel twice when Wicked opened in London years ago and after the Oscar-winning soundtrack to Frozen and her return to Broadway with If/Then, her star is shining brighter than ever.
Hedwig Chicago musical billboards Times Square
Another show I would loved to have seen is Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as I loved the 2001 movie adaptation, plus the musical Chicago never seems to go out of style.
Kinky Boots musical billboard Times Square
Again I loved the original movie, so it would have been great to see Kinky Boots on Broadway with its fun Cindi Lauper soundtrack.
Once musical billboard Times Square
And Once has been touring in L.A., but even though it's an award-winning musical, I'm not rushing to see it.
Disney Aladdin musical billboard Times Square
And following in the footsteps of The Lion King and Mary Poppins, Disney's newest stage production is based on Aladdin, which has always been one of my favourite Disney animated movies (mainly for Robin Williams 'Genie').

Health billboards
Winter is coming Target billboard
And finally I'll leave you with a rather ominous ad from Target, which evokes Game of Thrones withe the iconic phrase, 'Winter is coming'.

If you like this snapshot of the outdoor ads in NYC at the beginning of November 2014, be sure to also check out these New York billboards from my last visit in September 2012.

And if you're a fan of advertising, visit my Daily Billboard Blog every day for all the latest creatives from the world of movies, TV, fashion, drinks and more.

Hopefully it won't be so long until I return to New York again...

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