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New and returning TV show billboards around L.A. in November 2014...

Even when all the new Fall season shows have made their debut, there are still plenty of TV billboards to fill the skies of L.A., like this selection of returning favourites, mini-series and rookie shows.

TV Billboards
The Comeback giant series return billboard
First up is the joyful, beaming face of Lisa Kudrow as her alter-ego 'Valerie Cherish'. After almost ten years and achieving a cult status after just one season, The Comeback, about a needy actress with her own reality show is back for a second season on HBO. This certainly isn't Friends sitcom humour and when I watched the series the first time around it took me the whole season to 'get it', so I hope that audiences will give this returning comedy time to prove itself.
State of Affairs series premiere billboard
Speaking of comebacks and Katherine Heigel returns to TV this Fall with her new political thriller, State of Affairs. I like the patriotic stars and stripes ad creative, but the show itself seems to 'borrow' from many other shows already on the air, like Scandal, Madam Secretary and even Homeland.
Alpha House season 2 billboard
From White House advisors on foreign threats to the U.S. to the political shenanigans of Republican Congressmen in Washington D.C., as Amazon's comedy, Alpha House, returns for its sophomore season.
Getting On season 2 billboard
Another comedy retiring for a second season is HBO's Getting On, which is based on a U.K. series of the same name about a the medical staff in a geriatric hospital ward. I managed to catch a few of the first season episodes of this U.S. version and it was certainly a dark and very truthful comedy.
Friends of the People series premiere billboard
More comedy is heading your way this Fall courtesy of truTV's edgy new Friends of the People sketch show, featuring the Lucas Bros. twins.
Eric Andre Show season 3 billboard
More laughs can be found over on Adult Swim with the rerun of The Eric Andre Show for a third season and this collage billboard shows some of the crazy characters featured in the comedian's sketch show.
Mike Tyson Mysteries series premiere billboard
Also on Adult Swim you can now find the animated adventures of the infamous ear-biting boxer in the Mike Tyson Mysteries. It's amazing who they'll give a cartoon to these days.
Newsreaders season 2 billboard
Plus the comedic Newsreaders are also back this Fall for a second season of irrelevant news stories that no one really cares about.
Girlfriends Guide to Divorce series premiere billboard
Over on Bravo the channel renowned for its reality programming is getting into the scripted comedy drama world with its new series, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, starring Lisa Edelstein. Bravo caused some controversy (totally intentionally I'm sure) with this tongue-in-cheek creative with the star of the show giving passersby the finger (missing her wedding band).
Video Game High School season 3 You Tube billboard
YouTube had a massive presence in the skies of L.A. in October and November with billboards for its web series like Video Game High School, which was back for a third season.
Sci Show You Tube billboard
Plus highlighting the original science-related web series the SciShow, hosted by Hank Green. You can see the video hosting channel is certainly trying to up its game in light of all the original content being produced by streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.
Model Turned Superstar Los Angeles billboard
Speaking of web series, and here's yet another ad creative for Model Turned Superstar, which moved its start date back from the Fall to December, which makes you wonder if it'll ever see the light of day. Be sure to check out more Model Turned Superstar billboards that graced the Sunset Strip throughout the Summer.
The Offseason Kevin Durant HBO billboard
From reality show modeling competitions to fly-on-the-wall docu-series and The Offseason: Kevin Durant follows the NBA basketball player and his training schedule off the court.
State of Play Happiness billboard
Whilst State of Play returned for a second season of sports documentaries and discussions, kicking off with players adjusting to life after retiring from NFL American Football.
Dogs of War series premiere billboard
For Veterans Day this year, A&E debuted its Dogs of War docu-series about shelter dogs helping returning soldiers adjust to life after war.
Godfather of Pittsburgh series premiere billboard
And scraping the barrel of reality show ideas, A&E also debuted its Godfather of Pittsburgh series, following a cigar-smoking 'businessman' who claims he's not a mobster, even though all the marketing would suggest he is.
ET love entertaining people billboard
Meanwhile Entertainment Tonight had a big push this last month with these billboards featuring hosts Nancy O'Dell and Kevin Frazier, who apparently love entertaining people.
Olive Kitteridge HBO miniseries billboard
In the world of drama, Frances McDormand starred in the Olive Kitteridge HBO mini-series, the adaptation of Elizabeth Stout's Pulitzer prize-winning stories.
The Missing limited series billboard
And over on Starz, The Missing limited series debuted supported by this giant billboard along the Sunset Strip, about a family whose young child goes missing and how the family deals with the fallout over their decades long search for their son.
Librarians series premiere billboard
TNT has resurrected a ten year old TV movie franchise to provide the basis for its new series, The Librarians, who protect the world from supernatural threats and ancient artifacts.
Peter Pan Live billboard
Meanwhile NBC hopes to recreate the magic of its live musical from last year which scored big with audiences. Then it was The Sound of Music and this December it's the 'Peter Pan' musical, with Allison Williams as the titular boy who never grew up and Christopher Walken as his infamous pirate foe, 'Captain Hook'.
The Red Tent miniseries billboard
From classic literary creations to characters from the Bible, and The Red Tent is Lifetime's latest religion themed mini-series, which has this striking festive-themed red billboard.
Walking Dead season 5 billboard
And it's been around for a while, but I spotted this larger wall billboard for The Walking Dead, one of my favourite TV shows, which is nearing its mid-season finale.
Giant DC Comics TV shows billboard
And just as Warner Bros. Studios has announced many DC Comics superhero big screen adaptations (no doubt to please Wall Street), the comic book characters are also finding new homes on television, with returning favorite Arrow in its third season joined by spin-off The Flash on The CW, plus the Batman prequel Gotham on Fox and supernatural fighting Constantine on NBC.

I like the two shows on The CW, but I find Gotham depressing and dreary and have stopped watching, whilst Constantine has stopped production after its first thirteen episodes, which sounds like it may not be coming back for a second season (so I deleted that from my DVR before watching too). Meanwhile over on ABC, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has never been better.
Comedy Central Non-Denominational Christmas Special billboard
And finally I'll leave you with this medley of Comedy Central shows for their All-Star Non-Denominational Christmas Special, although if it was truly non-denominational then it wouldn't be a 'Christmas' special would it.

As you can see, lots of TV show billboards to enjoy this month. If you like this roundup, be sure to also check out November's stylish fashion billboards and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s city streets.

Stick around in the days to come, as I still have this month's movie and music billboards to share...

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