Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cool TV show billboards around L.A. in December 2014...

As another year draws to a close it's time to round up another month of TV show billboards gracing the skies of L.A. for the last time in 2014, although a lot of these billboards are for the new television season at the start of 2015.

TV billboards
Galavant 3D horse billboard installation
First up is a fun billboard creating a spectacle along the Sunset Strip for the musical Medieval comedy Galavant.

If you like this 3D horse installation, then you'll also love this crashed UFO billboard and this Coors 3D mountain climber billboard from previous months and years.
Ascension Syfy mini-series billboard
From the Middle Ages to the near future and Syfy's new space based drama, Ascension, which stars Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer (and a friend of mine, the lovely Tiffany Lonsdale-Hands).
Giant Girls season 4 billboard
I also couldn't help notice the similarity is design between Ascension and the fourth series of Girls, they may not have spacesuit helmets, but they are both gazing off into the future.
Marvel Agent Carter series premiere billboard
One show I'm really looking forward to in the New Year is the new Marvel TV series spin-off, Agent Carter. Hayley Atwell reprises her role as the plucky 'Peggy Carter', former love of Captain America (due to him being frozen in ice), trying to navigate her way in post WWII America, working for a covert agency and going on secret missions for Iron Man's dad, 'Howard Stark'.

I really love how this billboard captures that super-spy, crime-noir feel of 40's U.S.A. and I hope the eight episode series doesn't disappoint.
Justified final season 6 billboard
Meanwhile another hat-wearing hero back for a final season is Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal 'Raylan Givens' in the sixth season of Justified. If you're a fan of the crime show, be sure to check out every season promo billboard for Justified.
Country Bucks series premiere billboard
In the world of reality TV, it looks like A&E is searching for their next Duck Dynasty hit with their latest redneck fly-on-the-wall show, Country Bucks.
Celebrity Apprentice season 14 billboard
Whilst after a long absence, The Celebrity Apprentice is back on NBC for a fourteenth season or the reality competition show with contestants trying to win a place at the right hand of business tycoon, Donald Trump.
Heart She Holler season 3 billboard
Meanwhile over on the Adult Swim network, The Heart, She Holler is back for a third unsettling season with this spooky ad creative, which seems more suited for Halloween than the Holidays.
Better Call Saul series teaser billboard
Breaking Bad gets a spin-off prequel in the New Year with Better Call Saul, about 'Walt White's' dodgy lawyer 'Saul Goodman', played once again by Bob Odenkirk.

If you're a fan of the parent AMC show, be sure to check out these Breaking Bad TV series billboards from years past.
Mozart in the Jungle series premiere billboard
Following their critical darling Transparent, Amazon debuted another original comedy series just in time for a festive binge-watchings session, Mozart in the Jungle. With a bevy of familiar famous names like Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters and Gael Garcia Bernal, this series is an adaptation of Claire Tindall's memoir about her time behind-the-scenes with high-profile New York orchestras.
Empire series premiere billboard
Speaking of music, in January Fox debuts a new R&B musical drama Empire. Starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, the series is about the the power struggles and family dramas behind a music mogul's business when he's diagnosed with a life-changing illness.
Togetherness series premiere billboard
And over on HBO, the Duplass Brothers bring us a new comedy, Togetherness, about four middle-aged friends and family who don't have their lives all sorted out.
Orange is the New Black season 2 Consideration billboard
January also sees the start of awards season with the Golden Globes, and streaming service Netflix has been campaigning for two of its popular shows second seasons, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.
House of Cards season 2 For Your Consideration billboard
I've just started watching OITNB, but am all caught up on House of Cards, so hope both receive the credit they are due (although Robin Wright won last year for her portrayal of the icy, driven and scheming 'Claire Underwood', so can she do it again).
Marco Polo series premiere billboard
This month Netflix also debuted another new series, their costly Marco Polo drama, which is inspired by the infamous Venetian merchant traveler and explorer.
Bill Burr I'm sorry you feel that way Netflix billboard
And if historical drama is not for you, they also have comedy specials like Bill Burr's latest, 'I'm sorry you feel that way'.
Appy Holidays Comedy Central billboard
And speaking of humour, those folks at Comedy Central were getting in the festive spirit this month with this Appy Holidays billboard (also cleverly reflecting how people consume media these days, evidence I have to say by my latest plane flight to and from Vancouver where everyone was watching their own programming on smartphones and tablets).
Creepy Santa Adult Swim billboard
In addition Adult Swim also gave us this Christmas-themed billboard in their own inimitable style, although I'm sure their furry-faced Santa is just a little too creepy and wackadoo for some.

And there you have this month's TV billboards competing against all the other movie billboards and festive lifestyle billboards crowding the city skyline this holiday season.

If you enjoy these outdoor advertising roundups, be sure to come back next year when I fully intend to keep the tradition going.

Until then, keep your eyes to the skies and have a very merry New Year's Eve...

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