Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cooper had Christmas Day all wrapped up this year...

Christmas this year seemed to arrive and pass by in the blink of an eye, so here are a few Christmas Day memories of our special day in West Hollywood this year to help keep the festive spirit alive.

A very Merry Christmas Day
Christmas Day tree presents
Fortunately Santa managed to find our house again this year and was very kind to us all, and his little helper Cooper was on hand to make the day even more fun-filled.
Santa Hat Labrador fun
After a festive early morning walk, plus a FaceTime call with family in the U.K., it was time to unveil this year's Christmas gift-wrapping, always a big reveal on Xmas morning with the hope that we haven't bought the same paper and ribbons.
Gift wrapped Christmas presents
If you like these, be sure to also check out our gift-wrapped Christmas presents from holiday seasons past for more festive inspiration.
Opening Christmas presents with help of pup
Of course before we can start opening presents we have to make sure the dinner is all underway and the turkey is in the oven. There's nothing like the smell of a cooking festive bird whilst you're sipping champagne and unwrapping your presents.
Christmas Day Labrador Cooper
And there's always someone on hand to help with all those presents, with an inquisitive nose or a paw, and once in a while we even manage to snap a picture or two when he's not avoiding the camera (which has become his new trick of late).
Labrador Christmas presents wrapping paper
Looking around the stores this year I wasn't inspired by the gift-wrap on offer, so I decided to create my own wrapping paper with help of Shutterfly and an archive of festive puppy photos of our photogenic Yellow Labrador Cooper (plus I knew it would give the gifts even more special meaning).
Festive Christmas table setting
I also like to accessorise the gifts with festive decorations and gift tags from stores like Crate & Barrel, it really is a whole production and takes some time to think through. But it's well worth it.
Labrador Cooper Christmas toy
Fortunately as Cooper gets to open his gifts first, he's normally too preoccupied with a new toy, or two, to slobber too much over all the presents we've bought for each other,
Christmas Labrador Cooper
Christmas morning really is a wonderful time in our house, and since we only have one child (Labrador) to worry about, we tend to spoil each other rotten with a great selection of gifts.
Christmas Day champagne
It's always a merry old time with help of a nice bottle of champagne and more often than not it's a sunny day in L.A. too, so you just have to imagine the snow. But a big decorated tree and Santa Hat usually help set the scene.
Christmas tree presents
With all our old and new favourite festive songs playing, we're usually joined by a friend or two for dinner and as you can see Cooper is always keen to inspect what's happening at the table (and he gets more than his fair share of turkey)
Christmas Dinner
This year after stuffing our faces with yummy food we ventured out for a post-dinner walk with Cooper and to our dismay discovered that someone had already discarded their Christmas Tree, on Christmas Day no less. So much for Christmas spirit.
Abandoned Christmas Tree
Anyway, the walk did its job of helping to build our appetite for some deliciously rich and brandy-soaked Christmas Pudding with brandy butter.
Flaming Christmas Pudding
Obviously for some it was all too much, as in the evening our pup snuggled up with his dad (something he rarely does), whilst we watched Elf for the gazillionth time to help end a perfect day of gorgeous gifts, good company and great food and wine.
Sleeping Christmas Labrador Cooper
Usually we do it all again the next day on Boxing Day, but this year we'd planned a quick getaway to Vancouver, British Columbia (and not even forgetting to pre-book our parking space near the airport could stop us making the flight, whilst Cooper played with his pals at doggie daycare).
Festive Vancouver Lights of Hope
As you can see we're trying to keep the festive spirit alive and a trip to one of our favourite restaurants in Vancouver, Bin 941, certainly helped do the job with delicious food and wine.

Let's hope the holiday cheer can continue well into the New Year...

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