Monday, December 8, 2014

Festive Labrador photos to get you in the Christmas spirit...

December seems to be whizzing by, but are you feeling festive yet? It's always harder to get in the Christmas spirit in sunny L.A., as the hot temperatures and decorations in blazing sunshine don't quite capture the traditional holiday season.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Santa's helper Labrador elf
If you are struggling to feel festive, maybe these adorable photos of Cooper from Christmases past will help.
Reindeer antlers Labrador Cooper
Poor pup, the things he's had to endure over the years to help me feel like it's Christmas time in L.A., from Santa hats to reindeer antlers, and even being wrapped up in Christmas lights and decorations.
Christmas lights Labrador Cooper
But as you can see he's always been rewarded for his patience and participation, although it's been quite a while since he's eaten a rawhide bone.
Santa Hat Labrador Cooper
Some of these photos are from when our Yellow Labrador was only one or two years old, especially the ones with his black nose. These days he's got more of a pinky, 'snow' nose.
Christmas Tree Labrador Cooper
This year will be our seventh Christmas with Cooper and there's no better way to spend the day and I'm sure his stocking will once again be stuffed with presents and treats from Santa (which is basically like every other day of the year in all honesty).
Happy Santa Hat Labrador Cooper
Cooper can always tell that Christmas is on the way as it isn't often you'll find me in the kitchen cooking a big roast, so Thanksgiving is always a dry run for Christmas Day, when his nose starts twitching at the first whiff of cooking turkey.
Mischievous Labrador Cooper Christmas presents
He loves water, but he's yet to experience snow, although I'm sure he'd go crazy in it. Maybe we'll have to venture outside of L.A. this year to give him his first taste of the soft, cold stuff.
Labrador Cooper Christmas toy
As you can see from these photos of our sleepy pup, after too much excitement on Christmas morning and some sneaky morsels of turkey, he's more than happy to curl up on the sofa to sleep it all off.
Sleepy Santa Hat Labrador Cooper
Obviously the perfect winter shot would be of Cooper next to a roaring fireplace, but as you can see it's mostly sunny during the daytime in Southern California, so that fire doesn't come on until desert chill creeps in at night.
Festive Yellow Labrador Cooper
So did it work? Has our own Santa's little helper awakened the spirit of the Holidays in you? If all else fails I always find watching Will Ferrell's festive movie 'Elf' works every time.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, well maybe not a lot, but a bit for sure...

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