Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

Now that my annual birthday festivities are out of the way, I can really start to get in the mood for Christmas and who better to help me get in the holiday spirit than our very own Santa's elf.

Christmas Tree Labrador Cooper
This past weekend we decorated our new tree (we gifted our old artificial one to a friend) and hung Christmas decorations to make the place look more festive, plus with the recent rain and drop in temperature it's been nice to turn the fire on and feel festively cosy and warm here in L.A.
Christmas Tree decorations
Our Yellow Labrador Cooper always knows something is up when we get all our decorations out of storage and he's always there to lend a 'helpful' paw or two. Actually the main thing you have to watch for is his wagging tail, as we've lost many a low-hanging decoration to that.
Christmas Tree Labrador Cooper
This year there's no particular colour scheme, rather our ever-growing eclectic selection of ornaments and glittering baubles from years past, each with their own special memories attached.
Decorated Christmas Tree
As you can see though, Cooper is more bemused than bothered about the impending festivities. The only thing he's thinking is when he gets his next treat for cooperating and having his photo taken (he's trained us well).
Christmas Tree Labrador Cooper
If you think our six-and-a-half year old boy looks adorable in these photos, be sure to check out his Christmas Labrador pictures from previous holiday seasons when he was a younger pup.
Christmas Tree Labrador night
There's only a week of sleeps left until the big day, so let's hope this holiday season will be fun-filled, joyful and merry.

I'm sure Cooper is already dreaming of turkey and the presents he'll receive on Christmas Day...

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